Draft Strategy for Early Years, Children and Young People 2024-2030


Following extensive consultation with the community, we have now developed a Draft Strategy for Early Years, Children and Young People 2024 – 2030. Feedback received during the consultation phase has helped inform the draft strategy that outlines how the City will support 0 – 24 year olds over the next six years.

The key elements of the draft strategy are:

Early Years and Children

  1. Early Development, Learning and Belonging: Providing opportunities for children and their families to obtain knowledge, develop skills, acknowledge children’s interdependence with others, build trusting relationships and make sense of the world.
  2. Strong Families: Building the capacity and resilience of parents and families by providing relevant and appropriate opportunities which focus on developing safe and secure parenting skills, and social connections.
  3. Thriving Communities and Sector Support: Continuation of working collaboratively with government agencies, not for profit organisations, service providers and community groups to foster a cohesive, accessible and sustainable early years and children sector.

Young People

  1. Inclusion and Diversity: Ensuring events, spaces and activities are safe, welcoming, and celebrate diversity.
  2. Social Connection and Resilience: Ensuring young people have access to social activities and programs, are educated about supportive and healthy relationships, and are supported to develop their resilience.
  3. Engagement and Participation: Supporting young people to engage in education, employment and training, engaging them in decision making, and providing opportunities to ensure their voices are heard.
  4. Community Education and Awareness: Continuing to raise awareness of support services, sharing information, addressing priority areas, supporting the sector, and celebrating the positive contributions of young people.

The strategic objective of the strategy is:

‘The City will continue to support an environment where Rockingham’s children and young people, from birth through to adulthood, are highly valued and engaged members of the community’

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Submissions close 4.30pm on Friday 28 June 2024.

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