Consideration of Timed Parking in Secret Harbour

Oasis Drive and Lanier Way, Secret Harbour

Consideration of Time Limit Parking

The City has received numerous requests to introduce time limit parking on Oasis Drive, Secret Harbour, near the Secret Harbour Shopping Centre.

We have monitored the area to see:

  1. how much parking is available at any one time and
  2. the rate in which the parking bays are turned over.

We've found that the lack of a parking time limit is impacting on the availability of parking and therefore access to the shops and amenities in the area.

As a result, we are considering introducing a two-hour time limit for parking on both Oasis Drive and Lanier Way, Secret Harbour, which will apply from Monday to Sunday – 8am to 6pm (see below aerial map for specific location details).

Aerial view indicating affected streets

Share your thoughts

We welcome your feedback on this proposal and invite you to indicate if you support or oppose the introduction of time limit parking on Oasis Drive and Lanier Way, Secret Harbour.  

You can share your thoughts

Submissions close at 4.30pm on 5 January 2020.

For further information contact us on 9528 0333 or email

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