16 Days in WA

Date17 November 2023

The City of Rockingham, as part of the Rockingham Kwinana Safe Family Alliance, will host a free community event outside Mary Davies Library and Community Centre in Baldivis on Thursday 30 November 2023 to support this year’s 16 Days in WA Campaign.    

16 Days in WA is an annual state-wide initiative running from 25 November – 10 December that is focused on raising awareness about the issue of domestic family violence (DFV) in the community. The theme for 2023 is Play Your Part. 

The City is a key stakeholder in the Rockingham Kwinana Safe Family Alliance, which also includes the City of Kwinana, Anglicare WA, Lucy Saw Centre, Communicare, KEYS, Multicultural Futures, Scales Community Legal Centre and Stockland Baldivis.

The event on 30 November will run from 10am – 1pm and include opportunities to learn from someone with a lived experience of DFV, participate in a community memorial and silent march to pay respects to those who have lost their lives, and the chance to meet with local support service providers. 

City of Rockingham Mayor Deb Hamblin encouraged community members to wear orange and support this important initiative.  

“We are committed to supporting the community services sector through campaigns and programs that are focused on reducing family domestic violence,” Mayor Hamblin said. 

As a key stakeholder in the Rockingham Kwinana Safe Family Alliance, we are proud to collaborate with the agencies that are seeking to make a difference in our City and raise awareness of the help that is available locally. Domestic violence is a prevalent issue in our community, therefore events associated with 16 Days in WA are vital to raise community awareness.

“Challenging stereotypes and gender inequality is how we can start to building a safer community where everyone feels respected and valued, and the City encourages local residents to take part in this important event.”

Deputy Mayor Barry Winmar said the City of Kwinana was proud to partner with the City of Rockingham and other agencies to play its part in raising awareness about the issue of domestic family violence in the community.

“The City of Kwinana last year hosted the Silent March and there was a very moving speech from a person with lived experience of domestic violence,” Cr Winmar said.

“Our staff Strategy for Domestic Violence was developed with agencies in the area, and I encourage people to take time this year to participate, show their support and learn.

“Domestic violence occurs in all geographic areas and in all socioeconomic and cultural groups, so it is important we all play our part to support and understand people affected by domestic violence,” he said.

Stockland Baldivis also said it was proud to play a part in supporting 16 Days in WA. 

“As a hub for the community, Stockland Baldivis is proud to support the 16 Days in WA Campaign, calling for the prevention and elimination of violence against identifying women and girls. We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all our customers across our town centres, and we welcome the opportunity to open up conversations about gender equality and respect in our community,” said Clare Riley, Centre Manager for Stockland Baldivis.

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Image: A silent march will be held as part of the 16 Days in WA event. Picture: Courtesy City of Kwinana.  

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