Cutting Red Tape to Support Local Businesses

Date11 May 2023

The City of Rockingham has partnered with the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) to cut red tape for small businesses by streamlining several of its licensing and permit approval processes. 

Through its involvement with the Small Business Friendly Approvals program, the City has reviewed its internal processes and delivered a suite of improvements that are designed to make things easier and quicker for small businesses when it comes to dealing with the City.

These include establishing an online concierge service to streamline business interactions with the City, and creating several easy-to-follow step-by-step guides for a variety of business types that can help residents get their business up and running. 

Mayor Deb Hamblin said the City’s efforts to support small businesses through the program aligned strongly with its Strategic aspiration of delivering quality leadership and business expertise. 

“With approximately 6,000 businesses in the City of Rockingham, it is important that the City establishes a base which allows small businesses to navigate the challenges of starting, operating and expanding their operations as smoothly as possible,” Mayor Hamblin said. 

Through the Small Business Friendly Approvals program the City hopes these changes will reduce red tape, cut costs and save local businesses valuable time.

“The City was one of the first local governments in WA to work with the SBDC in this initiative, and we thank them for their support.”      

For more information visit Business and Investment.

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