Updated Traders Policy to Activate Sites Across the City

Date29 September 2022

An updated Traders Policy was adopted at the City of Rockingham ordinary Council meeting on Tuesday 27 September 2022, paving the way for mobile business operators to trade at nine different sites across the community. 

Council’s adoption of the updated Traders Policy means mobile food traders can now apply for a permit to operate at selected sites that will have minimal impact on ‘bricks and mortar’ style established businesses in the nearby area. 

An ice cream truck serving a customer.

The locations featured in the updated policy include Secret Harbour Foreshore, Safety Bay Foreshore (Malibu Road), Long Point in Port Kennedy, Waikiki Foreshore (Francis Street), Singleton Foreshore, Shoalwater Reserve Activity Node, Governor Road Reserve in East Rockingham, Fantasy Park in Waikiki and City Park in Rockingham.   

Under the policy there will be a flexible permit system that allows operators to nominate locations for use on a daily basis, opening up the potential for a variety of mobile operators to trade at a particular location throughout the year. 

Mayor Deb Hamblin said the updated Traders Policy would help to stimulate local businesses and activate community spaces that would otherwise remain unused. 

“A strategic aspiration for the City is to actively pursue tourism and economic development, and Council’s adoption of the updated Traders Policy aligns strongly with this,” Mayor Hamblin said. 

The City consulted widely with the community on this policy and the feedback we received, particularly from mobile food business owners, has been taken on board. These operators will now be able to take their services into new spaces that community members will be able to enjoy year-round. 

“The updated policy strikes a healthy balance between protecting existing businesses and providing an innovative way for mobile operators to take advantage of new opportunities. We thank community members for providing their feedback during this process.”   

The policy will be supported by two guidelines – the Traders Guidelines (Non-Food) and Traders Guideline (Food).

Image: The updated Traders Policy will enable mobile business operators to trade at nine new locations across the City and will activate areas that otherwise remain unused. Picture: City of Rockingham.   

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