Greening Plan Efforts Boost the City’s Green Canopy

Date19 September 2022

Throughout winter and into early spring the City of Rockingham has busily been planting trees across the community as part of the City’s Greening Plan. 

The Greening Plan was established by the City in 2017 and provides a strategic approach to the management of the City’s green space over a five year period.   

A key action of the plan was to plant 15,000 trees in areas with limited tree canopy coverage, and this has included all City managed land including parks and road reserve areas. This target will be met at the end of September, with more than 2,000 trees to be planted as part of the program this year 

A new Greening Plan will now be developed by the City, which will guide the City’s next steps with respect to the management of green space across the community.


City of Rockingham Mayor Deb Hamblin said the Greening Plan was integral to delivering the City’s Strategic Community Plan aspiration of planning for future generations. 

“The Greening Plan goal of improving the trajectory of our City’s green cover will ensure that our City has a diverse urban forest,” Mayor Hamblin said. 

The planting of trees on a scale like this is crucial to ensuring the liveability of our City for both current and future generations.

“Trees play a vital role in delivering environmental, social and economic benefits. They aid in moderating extremes in temperature, provide community wide health and wellbeing improvements, reduce energy consumption, lessen impacts of storm water runoff and positively influence biodiversity and ecological outcomes.”

“We thank community members for their support as we work with them to green our City.” 

To learn more visit Greening Plan.

Image inset: The City has busily been planting trees across the community throughout winter and early spring as part of the Greening Plan. Picture: City of Rockingham. 

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