Community Infrastructure Plan 2022

Date30 September 2022

One of the City of Rockingham’s most important strategic documents, the Community Infrastructure Plan (CIP) 2022, was adopted by Council at its ordinary meeting on Tuesday 27 September 2022.  

The CIP is integral to the planning, development, timing, design and location of community infrastructure that will be delivered by the City over the next 10 - 15 years.

Services and facilities that are needed to cater for the City’s existing population, along with new infrastructure needed to cater for continued growth, are reviewed by the CIP. This review is carried out annually to ensure the CIP considers changes in population and community trends, as well specific circumstances that may impact particular projects. 

The City will complete the detailed design of the Aqua Jetty Stage Two project over the next year, with construction on the $27.6 million project expected to begin later in 2023. 

Progress will continue on the Baldivis Sports Complex with the design of the outdoor courts and southern pavilion to be completed and construction to begin. The Baldivis Outdoor Recreation Space will also follow the same trajectory with construction on both projects to commence in the second half of 2023. 

Design work on the $4.5 million Stan Twight Reserve Clubroom Redevelopment will be completed by mid-2023, with construction beginning in late 2023.

Mayor Deb Hamblin said the CIP worked with the City’s Business Plan and was a crucial link in the City’s Strategic Planning Framework. 

Planning for future generations is a key aspiration in our Strategic Community Plan, and the CIP guides the allocation of City resources towards infrastructure projects that achieve this.

“Our City is currently home to approximately 136,000 people. Over the next decade our community will continue to grow, and we look forward to delivering the projects that are outlined in the CIP 2022 to cater for this growth.”

For more information visit Community Infrastructure Plan 2022.  

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