City Completes Transfer of Challenger Court to RAAFA

Date08 June 2022

The City of Rockingham is delighted to confirm it has completed the transfer of ownership of its Challenger Court retirement village to RAAFA, in a move that will significantly enhance aged care services in the community.  

The transfer is a landmark step that will boost the delivery of services to current residents living at the facility. It also will maximise the potential future development of Challenger Court and the land surrounding it, to provide opportunities for additional affordable housing that could help support future generations of Rockingham seniors.   

The entrance to Challenger Court in Rockingham.

Importantly, the transfer aligns with a key element of the City’s Seniors Strategy, which is to support ageing in place for seniors. As a community with strong links to Defence, the City is also pleased to be able to transfer the facility to an organisation that was borne out of close ties to the Defence Force.      

Aged care and retirement living is identified in the City’s Economic Development Strategy and Investment Prospectus as an area for future growth opportunities, and this transfer will open the door to future development that is capable of meeting the long term vision for the Challenger Court site, while simultaneously securing the best interests of aged care in Rockingham.      

Mayor Deb Hamblin welcomed RAAFA to Rockingham and said the transfer was an exciting milestone for the provision of aged care and retirement living in the City. 

“Planning for future generations is a key aspiration in the City’s Strategic Community Plan 2019 - 2029. Given there is a shortage of aged care in our region, the City’s objective of this transfer was to facilitate a development that best meets the needs of the community,” Mayor Hamblin said. 

“RAAFA has extensive experience in managing retirement living and residential care facilities, and we are confident they will be able to provide quality support and care to current and future residents of Challenger Court. 

Crucially, the City has secured a commitment from RAAFA to carry out further development on site in the future to expand accommodation and services available to the community. This will be essential to meeting the demands of our growing seniors population, which is expected to reach more than 47,000 people by 2046. 

John Murray, Chief Executive Officer of RAAFA, says the transfer represents RAAFA’s desire to provide quality accommodation options and an enviable lifestyle to support the increased independence, mobility and security of older West Australians.

“After working closely with City of Rockingham for many months, RAAFA is delighted to have successfully acquired Challenger Court, particularly as there is a high proportion of defence force personnel and veterans who live in the City of Rockingham area, which makes it a good fit for RAAFA,” Mr Murray says.

“As we already have villages in close proximity, this transfer is a particularly good fit for our organisation as it gives us a presence between our Air Force Memorial Estate in Bull Creek and our offerings at Meadow Springs and Erskine in Mandurah. We are very excited to welcome Challenger Court into our family of RAAFA estates.”

Background information:

Challenger Court, located on Ray Street in Rockingham, was opened in the mid-1970s by the Aged Persons Homes Trust (the Trust) and was developed to provide affordable accommodation to ageing residents in the community. 

The facility has 50 one-bedroom independent living units, with ownership of Challenger Court transferred to the City from the Trust in December 2006. 

Ownership of the facility has now been transferred from the City to accredited aged and residential care provider, RAAFA.

Image: Ownership of Challenger Court has been transferred to RAAFA. Picture: City of Rockingham.  

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