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City Strengthens Commitment to Art in the Community

Date30 April 2021

The City of Rockingham has strengthened its commitment to art and its impact on amenity in the community after Council approved a new policy that will require private developers to contribute a percentage of funding in new developments to art work. 

In addition, Council has adopted a new Art Collection Policy, which will guide how the City manages its extensive art collection. Both policies were adopted at the Council meeting on Tuesday 27 April 2021. 

For private developments costing $5 million or more, the new Percent for Public Art – Private Developer Contribution policy will require developers to provide public art to the value of at least one per cent of the total value of construction. Some projects, including industrial and minor residential development, will be exempt from the policy requirements.

Developers will be able to provide art work within a new site, or they can provide a cash-in-lieu payment to enable the City to procure suitable art work for installation.  

Meanwhile, the Art Collection Policy includes a percentage-for-art program of its own for all City infrastructure projects worth $3 million or more. In this instance, two per cent of the estimated project cost up to a maximum of $200,000 would apply to City led infrastructure works.  

Under the policy diversity, enhancement of civic infrastructure, artistic merit, and community place and identity, are the key overarching principles for selection of art work to the City’s collection. The policy also details the criteria for removing art work from the collection. 

“Well planned art has the potential to contribute positively to amenity in the community and can also add vibrancy to both public and private spaces,” City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said.        

Both of these new policies will play a role in fostering these outcomes and as such Council was keen to adopt them at its April ordinary meeting.

Image: The new Percent for Public Art – Private Developer Contribution policy and the City's Art Collection Policy will play an important role in delivering more art work across the community. Picture: City of Rockingham. 

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