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Council Addresses Advocacy

Date31 July 2020

The City of Rockingham Council addressed a number of advocacy issues at the ordinary Council meeting on Tuesday 28 July 2020, with updates to its Advocacy Position Register and the themes for the City’s new Advocacy Plan both endorsed by Council.

The Advocacy Position Register lists the advocacy positions adopted by Council on a variety of issues. Council first resolved to support the establishment of the register in 2016, with a number of issues added and subsequently removed on an ongoing basis since. 

Advocacy positions are defined as matters out of the scope of control of the City, but are those which Council seeks to promote on behalf of the community.

Previously established advocacy positions relating to Cape Peron, homelessness and land development in north east Baldivis are all included on the register. 

Meanwhile, the City’s new Advocacy Plan will identify the priority projects for promotion to the State Government, the Australian Government and other key stakeholders.

The Advocacy Plan comprises four themes including Strategic Metropolitan Centre, Transport, Tourism and Economy, and Sport and Recreation

Each of these themes features projects the City will seek support on from varying levels of government. Some of these projects include the Baldivis District Sporting Complex, Karnup Train Station, Safety Bay Shoalwater Foreshore Master Plan and the Rockingham City Centre Transit System.  

Mayor Barry Sammels said by addressing advocacy issues, Council was fulfilling important aspirations outlined in the City’s Strategic Community Plan.

“Two of the key aspirations outlined in the Strategic Community Plan show that residents want to see the City deliver quality leadership and business expertise, and to also actively pursue tourism and economic development,” Mayor Sammels said.  

With Council endorsing the themes for the Advocacy Plan, the City will be able to lobby local, state and federal stakeholders for infrastructure funding support on a number of projects, with a consistent and targeted message. This will be particularly important for the City in the lead up to the State Government election in March 2021, and the next federal election in 2022. 

“Endorsement of the updates to the Advocacy Position Register will also ensure the City continues to promote the community’s views on a range of important issues that are beyond the control of local government.”   

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