Community Update from the Mayor

Date16 April 2020

Hello everyone.  

I hope you are staying well, and are adapting to this new reality we are living in. 

I’d like to commend everyone in our community for the responsible way you are adopting the new social distancing rules. Despite unusually warm weather over much of Easter, our beaches, parks and public spaces were not overcrowded, and no closures were required. That’s a huge win for all of us. 

To help our community in a very practical way, Council has decided there will be no increase in rates, fees and charges in the coming budget. Also, the City’s grant funding has been expanded to make it easier for not-for-profit organisations providing front line services or assistance to people affected by the impacts of COVID-19 to access financial support, and more of it.

From our Autumn Centre cooking meals for vulnerable people, to our libraries providing online storytime for kids, and dedicated staff doing regular welfare checks on thousands of seniors throughout our community, the City is actively helping people stay connected.

Our library buildings are closed, but many of the services they offer can be accessed online.  Our sporting and recreational facilities are also closed, but we are using this time to bring forward important maintenance work. Major projects are still pushing ahead,  like the replacement of the pool liner at the Aqua Jetty, and site works at the Baldivis District Sporting complex are well underway.  

Even though it may seem like our lives are on hold at the moment, your Council is continuing to plan for the future, and the City is ensuring that the essential services we need now are being delivered, and the things we need in our immediate future are being prepared.  The City is supporting one-on-one advisory sessions for businesses trying to navigate through this difficult period.

While our State’s statistics are heading in the right direction we are not through this challenge yet and there’s probably still a long way to go.

Let’s stick together.  Support each other. And keep doing the things that make our community the welcoming, caring and connected place it has always been, and will always be. Every individual’s actions are defining how we will remember this time in our City’s history.  Let’s all do everything we can to make memories we can look back on with pride. 

Stay safe. And stay well.

Barry Sammels
Mayor of the City of Rockingham 

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