The City Chronicle Spring 2019

Date16 September 2019

The Spring 2019 edition of the City Chronicle is now available online.  There has been a change in the way we deliver the printed copy that we'd like to tell you about.  

The magazine used to be sent as semi-addressed mail, wrapped in a plastic sleeve to meet Australia Post’s packaging requirements. After the Single Use Plastics and Balloon Policy was adopted a few months ago, we needed to find an alternative to the plastic wrapping. The only suitable option was a large paper envelope, which would have cost a lot more.

To save money and paper, we aren’t sending the Chronicle as a semi-addressed article any longer. Instead, we will send it as unaddressed mail through Australia Post. 

This means we don’t need any wrapping at all, and we pay less in postage, so there are significant environmental and cost benefits. 

Unaddressed mail does not use any addresses, so that means no specific addresses can be omitted. If you have previously subscribed to receive the Chronicle through Rock Port, you will still get those notifications so you can continue reading the Chronicle online from your device anywhere, anytime, but you will also be receiving the printed copy as well. 

The Spring 2019 edition is being posted to every household in the City between 16 September and 20 September. Please enjoy catching up on all the latest news.


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