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Council Adopts New Verge Development Policy

Date10 September 2019

The City of Rockingham Council formally adopted a new Verge Development Policy at its ordinary meeting on Tuesday 27 August 2019. 

The policy, which was shaped following extensive feedback from the community, specifies the range of verge treatments that are permissible, as well as the materials residents can and cannot use on their verge.

A suburban street in Rockingham.

A key element of the policy identifies that acceptable materials including synthetic lawn are allowed to cover up to 50 per cent of the verge or 10 square metres, whichever is greater. 

The new policy also requires that future owner/occupiers submit a plan for assessment and approval if they are using other acceptable materials that are not natural lawn, garden or organic mulch. 

Council has also adopted transitional arrangements to allow for the registration of existing verge treatments that are not covered by the new policy.

Residents are advised to visit the City’s website for details on these transitional arrangements, noting that requests for registration are to be received no later than Sunday 27 October 2019.  

City of Rockingham Deputy Mayor Deb Hamblin said the Policy would provide clarity for residents about what exactly could be used on their verge. 

“The City’s new Verge Development Policy ensures property owners and occupiers are able to develop their verge with due regard for public health and safety, social and environmental benefits, amenity and aesthetics, with a particular focus on accessibility, bushfire mitigation and sustainability,” Deputy Mayor Hamblin said. 

“This policy draws a line in the sand for any future verge developments and will help to provide certainty.

“The City encourages residents to familiarise themselves with the new policy so they are aware of any rules that may apply to their verge.” 

For more information on permissible verge treatments and the range of acceptable materials visit verges and gardens.  

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