Home businesses

We recognise the growing demand for the operation of small businesses from residential properties and the importance of such small businesses to the local and state economy. Such businesses are referred to as home occupations, home businesses and home offices.

We will continue to support home businesses, provided the amenity of both neighbours and the immediate locality is suitably protected.

In this regard, a home occupation or home business that involves the retail sale, display or hire of goods of any nature will not be permitted. Furthermore, a home occupation that includes provision for the fuelling, repair or maintenance of motor vehicles will not be permitted.

A proposed business operation that involves the use of the dwelling solely for administration purposes (i.e. bookwork, telephone etc.) would be deemed a home office that does not require our development approval.

Applications for home businesses are to be made to our Planning Services.

Some types of home businesses have additional health requirements, and are also assessed by our Health Services. These include hairdressing, beauty therapy and preparing commercial food.

Hairdressing/beauty therapy at home

Additional approval is required from our Health Services in order to conduct a hairdressing and/or beauty therapy business from your home. An Environmental Health Officer will assess your application to determine if your proposed premises are suitable for the use of a home hairdressing and/or beauty therapy.

Your application must include a list of all procedures that you intend to undertake. The surfaces in the room must be smooth, impervious to water and easily cleanable.

The room that you intend for your home business must include a hands-free hand wash basin in the immediate area. The hand wash basin must be located in the same room as the procedures, or if the room immediately joins an ensuite through a connecting door, then an ensuite hands-free hand wash basin may be considered.

Additional information can be accessed from the Department of Health WA website.

Preparing commercial food at home

Additional approval is required from our Health Services in order to prepare food from your home for sale to the public. An authorised officer will assess your application to determine if your kitchen is suitable for the preparation of food for sale. Only some types of low risk food may be prepared in a domestic kitchen for sale to the public.

Other food may be considered for approval following a written application to us. In some instances, if the production of a food product is considered of high risk and/or large scale, you may be required to provide a separate commercial kitchen.

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