Town Planning Scheme Amendment No.190


City of Rockingham Town Planning Scheme No.2 - Amendment No.190

The City of Rockingham has initiated the above mentioned Scheme Amendment for the purpose of rezoning Lots 4 - 8 Sixty Eight Road, Baldivis from ‘Rural’ to ‘Special Rural’ and “Special Residential” and amending the scheme maps accordingly.

Details of the Scheme Amendment is available from the City’s Administration Building, Civic Boulevard, Rockingham during the hours of 8.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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We invite you to provide your comments on this proposal:

Submissions close 4.30pm on Monday 4 December 2023.

Please note any written submission received in response to this invitation, including the address of the party that made the submission, will be placed on the public record and be available for inspection.

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