Proposed Road Renaming - Portion Dixon Road and Goddard Street



The southern portion of Goddard Street has multiple commercial properties, while the northern portion has mostly residential properties that don't directly access Goddard Street.  Dixon Road intersects with Goddard Street and is accessed by various services.  A road extension through Rockingham Aquatic Centre was once considered but is no longer proposed under the Draft Rockingham Strategic Centre Precinct Structure Plan (RSCPSP).

Proposed Change

To address navigation and mail delivery issues, as well as improve emergency services' efficiency, the City of Rockingham proposes renaming the northern portion of Goddard Street and part of Dixon Road to Louise Street.  The affected properties' addresses will change to Louise Street, with numbering continuing from the existing Louise Street.


This renaming aligns with the road layout and traffic flow, creating a continuous Louise Street from Patterson Road.  The change will affect only two properties, promotes better wayfinding, and complies with Landgate’s Policy.

Next steps

The City recommends Council approval for public comment on this renaming proposal.  After advertising, Council will consider the matter in light of any submissions received.

Share your thoughts

We invite you to provide your comments on this proposal:

Submissions close 4.30pm on Tuesday 19 December 2023.

Please note any written submission received in response to this invitation, including the address of the party that made the submission, will be placed on the public record and be available for inspection.

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