Proposed Kennedy Bay Structure Plan


We have received an application seeking approval of a Structure Plan over Lot 3020 Port Kennedy Drive and Unallocated Crown Land No.3019, Port Kennedy. 

A Structure Plan identifies the pattern of a proposed development by depicting specific matters such as the location of all roads, residential densities, public reserves, commercial land and pedestrian/cycle networks.

The application we have received contains the following elements:

  • A main street Local Centre at the southern entry point into the estate, providing 1,200m2 of retail floor space, local open space, tourist accommodation and residential/home office opportunities. The retail floor space will accommodate the following mix of uses:
    • supermarket/deli;
    • two convenience-based retailers;
    • two cafe/takeaway retailers; and
    • restaurant/tavern.
  • A contribution of 14.91% (9.67ha) of Public Open Space (POS) contained within seven POS reserves, ranging in size from 0.1ha to 4.82ha.
  • Residential densities to accommodate approximately 1,002 dwellings allocated in the following manner:
    • A base density range of R25-40:
      • R25 density (350m2 average lot size) provided for lots backing on to the Port Kennedy Golf Course;
      • R30 for the majority of the site (300m2 average lot size);
    • R40 (220m2 average lot size) and R60 (150m2 average lot size) density development located within proximity to POS, Foreshore Reserve and at the end of street blocks;
    • R80 (120m2 average lot size and providing for a maximum four storey height) located within the Local Centre precinct; 
    • Select sites with a density of R100 within the Local Centre, with the potential to provide for a four to five storey development(s); and
    • An R80-R100 grouped housing site located adjacent the Links Golf Course, to be developed as either grouped or multiple dwellings.
  • Access to the Structure Plan area is proposed from Bayeux Avenue to the north and Port Kennedy Drive to the south.
  • A neighbourhood connector road providing a north/south road linkage between Bayeux Avenue and Port Kennedy Drive.

Plans and documents setting out and explaining the Structure Plan can be viewed below, and at our Administration Building at Civic Boulevard, Rockingham between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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You can provide your feedback on the proposed Structure Plan:

Submissions close at 4.30pm on 13 March 2020.

Please note that any written submission received in response to this invitation may be placed on the public record and be available for inspection.

The structure plan is being advertised to seek public comment on the proposal and does not indicate any formal support of the proposal by the City of Rockingham or the Western Australian Planning Commission.

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