Proposed Hydrogen Refueller - Alumina Road, East Rockingham


The City has received an application seeking approval for Hydrogen Refueller Facility on the abovementioned land.

The applicant is proposing a self-contained hydrogen production, storage and refuelling facility to:

  • Produce hydrogen using a 2.6 megawatt electrolyser, powered by renewable electricity sourced from the Southwest Inter-connected System, using renewable energy certificates where required.
  • Target an initial production of 235 kilograms per day (kg/d) of hydrogen, with up to 1700 kilograms of hydrogen (H2) on site storage (comprising of both tube trailers and permanent on-site storage).
  • Have a planned plant capacity to scale up to a targeted hydrogen production of 1062 kg/day (approximately 388 tonnes/year).
  • The facility is designed for stand-alone operation by hydrogen truck drivers only.

Plans and information to support the application are available below.

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Submissions close 4.30pm on Wednesday 24 July 2024.

Please note any written submission received in response to this invitation, including the address of the party that made the submission, will be placed on the public record and be available for inspection.

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