Proposed Chemical Mixing Facility East Rockingham


The City has received an application seeking approval for a proposed Change of Use to 'Industry: General (Licensed)' on the abovementioned land.

Details of the proposal are provided as follows:

  • A chemical mixing facility is proposed to be operated from Tenancy No.3.
  • Facility operations will involve the storage, mixing and blending of different chemicals to produce insecticide, adjuvants and herbicides. 
  • Proposed operating hours are 7am - 3.30pm Monday to Thursday, and 7am - 1pm on Fridays, with operation outside of these hours occurring on occasion as required. 
  • Up to 10 full time employees are expected on site in the first year of operation, increasing up to 13 during seasonal peaks. Up to 15 full time staff are expected within the first 5 years of operation (depending on demand).  
  • The site will not be accessible by the public. 
  • It is anticipated that 10-15 trucks, associated with the facility, will access the site every week with entry being via Lodge Drive and exit points via Scandium Way. 
  • External modifications to the site are proposed including the development of a new tilt up panel structure at the north-eastern aspect of the existing warehouse, a gantry, a drainage swale adjacent to the northernmost boundary, and associated hardstand and other infrastructure. 
  • The proponent has obtained a Dangerous Goods Licence with the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) and has lodged an application with the Department of Environmental Regulation (DWER) to obtain a works approval.

Plans and information to support the application are available below.

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Submissions close 4.30pm on Sunday 28 July 2024.

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