Proposed Amendments to Nickel Sulphate Plant


We have received an application seeking approval to amend the previously approved Nickel Sulphate Plant located at Lot 5 Patterson Road, East Rockingham.

The main changes to the previous approval are as follows:

  • Four stacks with a height of 30.6m are proposed in lieu of a previously approved single stack with a height of 25m; and
  • The existing storage area will be expanded to accommodate additional product bagging and lines and volumes produced by the plant.

There will be no change to the overall emissions profile of the plant as a result of the development. Further details for the proposal can be viewed below.

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Written submissions on the proposal may be made in writing and lodged with the Chief Executive Officer, and be received by no later than 31 January 2020.

Please note that any written submission received in response to this invitation will be placed on the public record and be available for inspection. 

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