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Pedestrian Access Way Strategy Update


We have prepared an update of our Pedestrian Access Way Strategy (Strategy Update).

The Strategy Update complements the current 2010 strategy by bringing the database up to date and expanding the scope to identify Right-of-Ways (ROWs). The Strategy Update has assessed a total of 61 sites, with 40 sites being PAWs and 21 sites being ROWs.

The purpose of the PAW Strategy is to provide a coordinated classification system to assist the City and Council in its decision making with respect to applications to close PAWs and provide recommendations on which PAWs could be upgraded, maintained and those that are not essential and may be closed.

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Share your thoughts now on the proposed updated strategy:

Submissions close 4.30pm on Friday, 14 August 2020.

Please note that any written submission received in response to this invitation will be placed on the public record and be available for inspection.

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