Mixed Commercial Development - Golden Bay


We have received a Development Assessment Panel (DAP) application seeking Development Approval for a Mixed Commercial Development (Neighbourhood Centre) at Lot 622 (No.2) Aurea Boulevard, Golden Bay.Aerial view of proposed development

The proposed development comprises:

  • a supermarket (1,165m2)
  • three specialty shops located on Thundelarra Drive
  • a service station (with convenience store) on the corner of Thundelarra Drive/Aurea Boulevard
  • two fast food outlets
  • a liquor store fronting Warnbro Sound Avenue and
  • the development will be accessed by crossovers from Thundelarra Drive and Aurea Boulevard.

Plans and information pertaining to the proposal are available below.

Share your thoughts

We invite you to provide your comments on this proposal:

Submissions close at 4.30pm on Monday 3 April 2023.

Please note any written submission received in response to this invitation, including the address of the party that made the submission, will be placed on the public record and be available for inspection.

In accordance with the Approvals and Related Reforms (No.4) (Planning) Act 2010, the application is required to be determined by the Metro Outer Joint Development Assessment Panel. The City will provide its recommendations and forward any submissions received to the DAP Secretariat. 

The application will be considered at an up and coming Council meeting, prior to being determined at a JDAP meeting. These meetings are open to the public and your attendance is welcome. The City will inform any submitters of upcoming meeting arrangements when the dates are set, and copies of the agenda will be made available for download on the City's website and Development Assessment Panels website.

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