Child Care Premises - Kerosene Lane


We have received a Development Assessment Panel (DAP) application seeking approval for a child care premises at Lot 4 Kerosene Lane, Baldivis.

The details of the proposal are:

  • A single storey child care premises on a portion of the subject site;
  • The premises will provide care for up to 90 children at full capacity and require up to 18 staff;
  • The premises will be open from 6am to 7pm and operational for customer use between 6.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays; and
  • The facility will provide space for 30 car parking bays.

Additional information regarding the proposal is available below.

Share your thoughts

You can provide your feedback on the proposed child care premises

Submissions close at 4.30pm on Monday 21 June 2021.

Any written submission received in response to this invitation will be placed on the public record and be available for inspection.

In accordance with the Approvals and Related Reforms (No.4) (Planning) Act 2010, the application is required to be determined by the Metro-Outer Joint Development Assessment Panel ('JDAP'). The City has until the close of business on 25 August 2021 to provide its Responsible Authority Report, its recommendation and forward any submissions received to the DAP Secretariat by this date.

The application will then be considered at an upcoming JDAP meeting. These meetings are open to the public, and attendance is welcome.

The date of the meeting and copies of the agenda will be made available for download on the City's website and the DAP's website.

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