Waikiki (West of Read Street) Road Resurfacing

  • Repairs and roadworks
  • Temporary works

Project summary

The City will be resurfacing roads within the Waikiki area as part of the annual Road Renewal Program.

The City will be resurfacing various roads within the Waikiki area (west of Read Street) as part of the 2019/20 Road Renewal Program.

The following roads will be resurfaced:

  • Argonaut Avenue
  • Binnacle Lane
  • Chalmers Avenue
  • Charthouse Road
  • Fathom Ramble
  • Halyard Way
  • Jib Close
  • Kite Place
  • Luff Lane
  • Mainsail Crescent
  • Masthead Street
  • Mooring Turn
  • Spinnaker Close
  • Yardarm Street

Work is scheduled to begin on 20 October 2019 and is expected to be completed by early November 2019 (subject to weather conditions).  Each road may take approximately one week to be resurfaced.

Throughout the duration of the work, traffic may be subject to detours with access provided to local traffic at all times. Where possible, it is advised that an alternate travel route be considered to avoid any potential delay.


Waikiki Area (west of Read Street)
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