Secret Harbour Street Lighting Upgrade

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Project summary

We are upgrading the street lights within Secret Harbour.

The street lights on Anstey Road and Secret Harbour Boulevard will be removed and replaced as part of stage 1 of the upgrade.

The removal and replacement of the street lighting within Secret Harbour forms part of the City’s Asset Renewal Plan and Business Plan for the 2020/2021 financial year. 

    The existing light poles and fittings in Secret Harbour have come to the end of their useful life and need replacing. The upgrade will include the installation of light emitting diode (LED) light fittings which will reduce energy consumption and reduce the costs of maintenance. The new lights will provide more consistent lighting across the road ways, producing a safer environment for both road users and pedestrians.

    The budget for this project is $2.8 million, of which $500,000 was provided by the Australian Government's Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

    The stage 1 upgrade will be completed over approximately eight months. There are five phases to the upgrade process:

    1. Installation of underground services
    2. Installation of pole footings
    3. Installation of new poles
    4. Electrical cabling and testing
    5. Removal of old poles and clean up

    Project areas

    • Area 1 - Between Warnbro Sound Avenue and La Spezia Drive roundabout
    • Area 2 - Between La Spezia Drive roundabout to Vila Do Porto Crescent
    • Area 3 - Vila Do Porto Crescent roundabout to Vila Do Porto Crescent secondary entrance
    • Area 4 - Vila Do Porto Crescent secondary entrance roundabout to St Kitts Boulevard
    • Area 5 - St Kitts Boulevard roundabout to Santa Cruz Parkway roundabout
    • Area 6 - Santa Cruz Parkway roundabout to Warnbro Sound Avenue

    Current works

    Works to area 5 and 6 as shown above - are awaiting connections by Western Power to energise poles. 

    Impact to residents

    During the project, sections of roads will be closed for a brief duration to ensure safety, and some roadside verges will be impacted and rectified at no cost to the resident.

    If residents have a green dome at the front of the property which does not comply with the Western Power requirements, we will request the resident in writing to remove the obstruction in a timely manner.

    Area LayoutsFrequently asked questions
    1. If I have a blue peg on my verge, does this mean a light pole is being installed there? Yes. If there is a blue peg on the verge of your property, a light pole will be installed there. The peg location complies with Australian Standards.
    2. Can I request for the light pole to be moved if I don't want it on my verge? All pole locations are in compliance with Australian Standards. The City may explore reasonable requests to move a light pole.  
    3. If the new light is too bright, can they be dimmed? No. The LED lights are a fixed brightness and have been selected for reasons outlined in the project overview. In some instances a shield can be used to direct/reduce the light spillage if appropriate.
    4. When will the replacement program be finished? Stage 1 commenced in early 2020 and will continue through 2022. 
    5. How can I get more information about the works either during or after they have taken place? If you have further questions, please contact Customer Service on 9528 0333.


    Secret Harbour Boulevard, Secret Harbour
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