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Safety Bay and Shoalwater Foreshore Master Plan Project

  • Major infrastructure projects
  • Planning and design

Project summary

We are planning for the enhancement of the Safety Bay and Shoalwater foreshore for the local and wider community.

We are planning for the enhancement of the Safety Bay and Shoalwater foreshore. The initial planning will be undertaken through the development of a master plan, which will provide a vision for the foreshore over the next 20 to 30 years.

The focus on the master plan project will be to enhance the foreshore experience for the local and wider community, while also aiming to attract more visitors to its unique attributes. This supports the City's aspirations developed in the City of Rockingham Strategic Community Plan 2019-2029, which include pursuing tourism, economic development, growth in the community and planning for future generations.

The master plan will ultimately show the manner in which the foreshore will evolve and be used as a basis for more detailed planning and funding decisions. It will identify opportunities for enhancing access to, and the usability of, the foreshore and beach, and for improving facilities and amenities.

It will not seek to directly resolve matters that sit outside its influence such as marine water quality, ongoing beach and park management practices or the use of private land in proximity.

Frequently asked questions relating to the projects can be downloaded below.

Shoalwater Master Plan Jetty

The project area

The project area for the master plan process includes the two foreshore sectors of Safety Bay and Shoalwater, shown below.

The Safety Bay sector is generally from the intersection of Safety Bay Road and Warnbro Beach Road in the east to Mersey Point. The Shoalwater sector is from Mersey Point to the intersection of Arcadia Drive and Boundary Road in the north.

Safety Bay Shoalwater Sector Map

The Master Plan process

The process for preparing the master plan is described below.

Consultation with stakeholders is an important part of developing the master plan. The first stage of the project included early input from the community through a coastal values survey. The outcomes of the survey led to the development of 'design drivers' which have informed the content of the draft master plan.

Shoalwater Master Plan Sports

Stage 1: Site Analysis/Initial Community Consultation (Completed)

Study and analysis was undertaken to gain an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the existing natural and built foreshore environment.

A copy of the Site Analysis Report can be downloaded below.

Stage 2: Design Drivers (Completed)

The 'design drivers', will inform the preparation and content of the master plan. During this stage, early input and feedback was sought from all stakeholders, mainly through a coastal values survey. Numerous local residents and business owners were also interviewed to gain a better understanding of the foreshore's values and where improvement could be delivered.

In June 2019, the 'design drivers' were adopted by Council. A copy of the 'design drivers' and the full Design Drivers Report can be downloaded below.

Stage 3: Draft Master Plan (Completed)

The draft Master Plan has been prepared against the final 'design drivers'.

In September 2019, the draft master plan was adopted by Council for the purposes of inviting feedback from the community.

Stage 4: Community Consultation on Draft Master Plan (Completed)

Stakeholders were invited to review the draft master plan documents and provide comment for a period of one month concluding on 8 November 2019. 

Stage 5: Adoption of Master Plan

The community consultation on the draft master plan is considered by the City and the final master plan is developed and adopted.

Stage 1 - Site Analysis/Initial Consultation
  • Date
    February/March 2019
  • Progress
Stage 2 - Design Drivers
  • Date
    June 2019
  • Progress
Stage 3 - Draft Master Plan
  • Date
    September 2019
  • Progress
Stage 4 - Consultation on Draft Master Plan
  • Date
    October/November 2019
  • Progress
Stage 5 - Adoption of Master Plan
  • Date
    December 2019
  • Progress
    Not started

Further information

We welcome your comments and enquiries about the master plan project.

The best way to stay informed about the project is to sign up to Rock Port and select "Safety Bay Shoalwater Foreshore Master Plan" as a topic of interest.

Shoalwater Master Plan Shrub


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