Rockingham Beach Foreshore Access and Inclusion Upgrades

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Project summary

We are undertaking several access and inclusion upgrades at the Rockingham Foreshore.

We will be undertaking various works at the Rockingham Foreshore to improve our facilities. 

The following works are planned:

  • construction of a Changing Places toilet
  • park shelter and associated park furniture asset renewals and relocations
  • new playground installations.

Construction of Changing Place Facility

This project is for the City’s first nationally accredited “Changing Places”  which provides suitable toilet facilities for people with high support needs. This new facility will be located adjacent to the current toilet block at Churchill Park.

Changing Places toilets are larger than standard accessible toilets which provide people with disability and their carers access to suitable, safe, and private bathroom facilities.

Changing Places enable many people with high support needs to enjoy day-to-day activities that many of us take for granted, such as going to work, playing in the park, or attending cultural, sporting, or social and family events.

Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-February and to be completed in May 2024. It is expected that there will minimal disruption to the public during the work.

More information on Changing Places.


Reserve Infrastructure Replacements

As part of the City’s Asset Renewal Program and access and inclusion upgrades, works are scheduled to start within Bell and Churchill Reserves on the Rockingham Foreshore from Monday 27 March. These works are aligned with the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Master Plan.

The works will be delivered in stages to limit the impact on users. Limited parking restrictions will apply.

Planned works

  • New centralised access path
  • The removal of fenced playground
  • Replacement of universal drinking fountains
  • Relocation of selected beach showers
  • Replacement of existing barbecues with new accessible barbecues
  • Replacement of reserve shelters and associated picnic furniture
  • The installation of a new nature play area
  • The installation of two new play areas, each with rubber softfall and shade​

Safety guidelines

A portion of the reserve adjacent to the foreshore reserve will be impacted from time to time, with temporary fencing and barricades restricting access to certain areas.

We ask that residents follow these safety guidelines while works are being done:

  • Do not enter the restricted areas of the reserve during works and out of hours.
  • Do not approach plant operators for conversation. There are many hazards, which place the worker, yourself and others at risk.
  • Do not stop the workers from performing their duties as this could result in unnecessary delays and place you at risk.
  • Be aware of you own surroundings and keep dogs on leads at all times.
  • Follow the instructions of the on-ground staff.
Play Space

The existing play areas within Churchill Park are scheduled to be connected and transformed into one large play area to create a new accessible, heritage-themed play space for all to enjoy. The play space will convey the story of the early days of Rockingham, ‘Forest to Sea’; the days of the early timber industry.

The play space will include

  • all abilities play space
  • rubber softfall (note: most of the nature play area will have a woodchip base)
  • nature-based play, under existing trees
  • nautical themes
  • historical themes
  • imaginative play
  • multi-aged
  • seating
  • path network.

The total play space will be approximately 2.5 times bigger than the existing areas. No trees will be removed as part of this project.

On ground works are scheduled for July 2024.

Collage of historical images of Rockingham.


Reserve Infrastructure Replacements - Stage 1
  • Date
    March - June 2023
  • Progress
Reserve Infrastructure Replacements - Stage 2
  • Date
    Mid to late 2024
  • Progress
    Not started
Reserve Infrastructure Replacements - Stage 3
  • Date
    Mid to late 2024
  • Progress
    Not started
Changing Place - Planning and Design
  • Date
    Late 2023
  • Progress
Changing Place - Construction
  • Date
    Feb - May 2024
  • Progress
    In progress


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