Rockingham Arts Centre Refurbishment

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Project summary

We are refurbishing the Rockingham Arts Centre,

The Rockingham Arts Centre Review was prepared in 2018 which recommended making the centre more attractive to exhibitors, artists and community groups.

The review resulted in the decision to have more wall space for art display, increase the variety of workshops and improve the function of the studio space.

The Rockingham Arts Centre (RAC) closed for refurbishments in January 2022. The refurbishments will upgrade the interior of the RAC to strengthen the flexibility and function of the facility for users, lift the quality of art exhibitions, and improve wayfinding between the RAC and the nearby Gary Holland Community Centre.  

Key improvements to the facility will include new swinging walls, hanging rail, ceiling mounts, lighting in the gallery, dedicated storage spaces throughout, a wash-out sink suitable for a variety of art mediums, and refurbished and repainted internal walls without visual distractions. 

A shade sail will be installed in the courtyard, and signs added to help direct visitors between the RAC, car park, and nearby Gary Holland Community Centre. 

The centre is expected to reopen in mid 2022.

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Tender Award
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    December 2021
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    February 2022
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    In progress
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    July 2022
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    Not started


11 Kent Street, Rockingham
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