Rivergums Boulevard Intersection – Proposed Roundabout

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Project summary

As our City's population grows, we need to monitor, evaluate and adapt our roads and infrastructure to ensure they continue to meet the growing demand of increased traffic and pedestrians. Through the Baldivis Road Needs Study, the intersection of Baldivis Road and Rivergums Boulevard has been identified for an upgrade. This is due to increasing volume of traffic from the surrounding areas including Rivergums Primary School and Baldivis Secondary College.

The proposed roundabout is part of the necessary upgrades to the City's road network. These upgrades aim to increase capacity and improve road safety in our community. An example of the intended roundabout is provided below in the FAQ's and the upgrade plan is shown in the related documents section below. 

A summary of the proposed Baldivis Road and Rivergums Boulevard roundabout includes:

  • Install a roundabout with a central raised island (annulus) to reduce speed
  • Footpath re-alignment to improve connectivity and enhance safety
  • Street lighting upgrade to improve visibility at nights

Works are expected to occur in the 2023/2024 financial year. Access disruptions to schools and adjacent residential properties may be experienced during construction, but will be kept to a minimum. A construction schedule will be provided closer to the start of the project.

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What is the purpose of the upgrade? Why is the proposed upgrade a roundabout and not traffic lights?

Over the past several years, there have been multiple upgrade works completed along Baldivis Road, transforming it into a boulevard treatment (i.e. two lanes and a central median) with roundabouts where required. It is expected that the remaining undeveloped sections will be upgraded to a similar urban standard for the increasing traffic. With higher traffic volumes, vehicles from Rivergums Boulevard are likely to encounter difficulties entering Baldivis Road.  The City is pro-active with the roundabout treatment to improve traffic safety and minimise delays in future.  Traffic lights were not considered in order to maintain consistency with the boulevard treatment along Baldivis Road.

Will access to properties and schools in the vicinity be affected during construction?

Yes, there will be disruption to the access of properties and schools during the construction, however we will minimise any inconvenience by providing on-site traffic management.  Should there be road closures, detour routes will be in place.

How do cyclists travel through the roundabout?

There will be off-road cycle path facilities for cyclists travelling both ways through the roundabout.

Will the existing street lighting be sufficient at the roundabout?

The existing street lighting will be upgraded as part of this project, to Western Power standards.

What will the center of the roundabout look like?

The centre of the roundabout will likely include non-irrigated planting.  An example is provided below.


Rivergums, Baldivis
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