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Project summary

The City is proposing to extend the car park at the Autumn Centre to cater for an increase in members and visitors.

As part of the Autumn Centre Needs Study, the existing car park has been identified for an upgrade due to increasing members and visitors to the centre.

The proposed car park extension will be in close proximity to some residential properties and we appreciate these works may cause some inconvenience to patrons and community members. However, the upgrades are necessary to increase the capacity of the car park and improve the service the centre provides to the community.

The extension of the car park will also involve the installation of a new garden bed, plant hedging and additional trees to provide screening and minimise noise. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the reason for the proposed car park upgrade?

The proposed car park upgrade aims to meet increasing demand for parking at the Autumn Centre. As well as increasing the number of parking bays, we will also be improving some existing infrastructure in the car park.

What is involved in the car park upgrade? Will there be additional ACROD bays? What are the other improvements?

The proposed car park upgrade will provide an additional 58 new car bays.  Currently, the Autumn Centre has 96 parking bays - eight of them ACROD bays. The car park upgrade will increase the number of parking bays and ACROD bays to 150 and 12 respectively.

Other improvements will include a footpath connection to help patrons access the centre safely and the addition of garden beds and trees. 

Will the design and construction take into consideration the needs of the Autumn Centre members?

The design and construction of the car park extension will be in line with the City’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2022-2026 and therefore the upgrades will be user friendly for members.


What is the construction timeframe? Will the services offered by the centre be affected?

The anticipated construction time is from July to December 2023 and the services offered at the Autumn Centre will remain the same. 

Parking at the centre will be affected, but the City will aim to keep any disruptions to a minimum. 


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