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Project summary

We're proposing to install a new footpath near Lake Street, Rockingham.

Project summary

The City is proposing to complete a two metre-wide concrete footpath along the northern fringe of Lake Richmond in the 2022/2023 financial year. The creation of this path is in line with the City's Lake Richmond Management Plan and is supported by the Australian Government under the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program. The overall community benefits of the path will deliver a safe and accessible path between Safety Bay Road and the Lake Richmond boardwalk on the north-east side of the lake as well as accessible connections to the picnic shelters.

We value the community's input in shaping a safe and sustainable City and welcome your written submissions on this project to or via Rock Port by Friday 24 February 2023.

Frequently asked questions

Lake Richmond is a significant heritage site protected under Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972. What consultation has been taken to date?

To date, the City has presented the project to the City of Rockingham Aboriginal Advisory group and will take all feedback into consideration during design and construction.

The City has consulted the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council and will meet requirements outlined by the Council during implementation stage.

Lake Richmond is located within the threatened and priority ecological communities boundaries. What measures will be adopted to mitigate impact on vegetation?

The design has the footpath located on the existing verge area and is outside the envelope of the vegetation. None of the native vegetation will be affected.  However, the City will still take precautionary measures to ensure none of the native vegetation will be affected during construction.

Will installing signage be part of the work?

Signage will not be erected as part of this work. Signage will only be installed later according to the signage master plan which will involve a coordinated approach to their locations after detailed studies of the history, vegetation etc. 

The path will encroach into the Water Corporation’s sewer easement at four locations. What consultation has been undertaken?

The City has liaised with the Water Corporation and will comply with the conditions outlined out in the Asset Protection - Risk Assessment Report.

With this project, is there an intention to provide additional parking to cater to increasing number of visitors?

Currently there are parking bays near the Vickery Street/Lake Street intersection.  The City will increase the number of bays in future should the need arise.

When will be the construction timeframe?

The expected construction period is in between April 2023 to June 2023.


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