Ennis Avenue Shared Use Path

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Project summary

We are completing sections of the red asphalt path on Ennis Avenue.

We are continuing with the shared path installation on Ennis Ave and along Dixon Road between April and June 2022.

Last year, we implemented the section of shared path in between Patterson Road and Dixon Road. The construction works in the next few months will complete the missing links of the integrated pathway (refer to related documents), connecting the Rockingham Light Industrial Area at Ennis Ave and TAFE, Murdoch University and Mike Barnett Sports Complex along Dixon Road, to Rockingham Train Station.  

Progress update

The construction of the new concrete footpath on Ennis Avenue (eastern verge - between Hillman Park and Carvie Street) is complete. Tree planting adjacent to this section of footpath is scheduled for July 2022 (subject to confirmation of timing from the contractor).


1. Why has the alignment of the proposed shared path been used?

The proposed missing links of shared path are part of a network of pathway, connecting Rockingham Light Industrial Area, South Metropolitan TAFE, Murdoch University - Rockingham Campus, Mike Barnett Sports Complex, Kolbe Catholic College, Hillman Primary School, the City centre and Rockingham Train Station. The pathway is off the road, providing improved safety and accessibility between Rockingham Train Station and the key attractions mentioned. The pathway will encourage more cyclists to travel along the shared path between the key attractions, and improve efficiency of traffic flow on Ennis Avenue and Dixon Road.

2. Why is the vegetation being removed at Ennis Ave between Hillman Park and Carvie St?

The current condition of vegetation was completely degraded. It was mostly invasive species of introduced weeds. We will replace the vegetation with native species of trees between the pathway and the property boundary to provide better noise reduction in the future.

3. Why is the section from the underpass to Council Avenue constructed in concrete?

Due to site constraints red asphalt could not be constructed on approach to the underpass and providing a short section of red asphalt would not fit in with the surrounding path materials for this section of the project.


Ennis Avenue, Rockingham
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