Chelmsford Avenue Median Islands Modifications

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Project summary

We're proposing some modifications for service roads along Chelmsford Avenue, from Grand Ocean Boulevard to Fontainebleu Vista to mitigate the issues arising from tree roots.

About the project  

The kerbing and asphalt along the separator islands on Chelmsford Avenue in Port Kennedy are regularly being damaged by tree roots within the islands. This results in ongoing maintenance to the separator islands causing inconvenience to the residents who use the service roads to access their properties.

The City is planning asphalt resurfacing works on the service roads along Chelmsford Avenue in 2024 and as part of the process, has undertaken a review of the ongoing maintenance issues. The City proposes the following modifications to address these issues and enhance road safety:

  • Reduce the width of the service road by 1m (as per section 118 of the Road Traffic Code 2000, service roads are, by default, one-way roads. Reducing the width of the roads should have very little impact to residents other than formalising this one-way arrangement.)
  • Tree root barriers will be installed to control further damage to the road.

These modifications are proposed for all service roads along Chelmsford Avenue, from Grand Ocean Boulevard to Fontainebleu Vista. 

Street view photo of median islands missing kerb on Chelmsford AvenueDiagram of kerbline


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Frequently asked questions

Will narrowing the road restrict me from accessing the service road with my vehicle if I am towing a boat or trailer?

The City has carried out a vehicle tracking simulation with a car and large caravan which resulted in the car and trailer being able to manoeuvre through the newly designed serviced road with comfortable clearance.

What impacts will narrowing the road have on me?

Narrowing the service road will have minimal impact on residents, however it will result in waste collection vehicles being unable to manoeuvre around any cars that might be parked on the road. Because of this we request that no cars are parked on the service road on bin days as it may impact the ability for bins to be emptied. The City will monitor this and address any issues that may arise.

Why will the service roads become one-way?

We understand that it is not common knowledge, however section 118(1) of the Road Traffic Code 2000 stipulates that a driver on a service road “must drive in the same direction as a vehicle travelling on the carriageway used by the main body of moving vehicles in the marked lane or line of traffic closest to the service road”. To assist traffic in recognising this, the City will be installing “no entry” signs at the exit point of the service roads.


Chelmsford Avenue, Port Kennedy
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