Baldivis Road/Safety Bay Road Roundabout

Past Project
  • Repairs and roadworks
  • Completed

Project summary

The upgrade of the roundabout is now complete.

The configuration of the roundabout has changed so please take care while navigating it.

Below are some frequently asked questions:

Why was the project required?

The northern and southern approaches of the roundabout experienced queuing during the morning and afternoon peaks as drivers headed to and from the Kwinana Freeway.

What changes have been made?

To improve traffic flow efficiency and intersection performance, an additional left turn lane has been constructed on the southbound approach with the existing lane being converted to a shared through and right turn lane. The northbound approach has also been reconfigured from a left turn only lane and through-right lane to a right turn only lane and a through-left lane.

How do I turn right from Safety Bay Road when heading west?

The roundabout now allows vehicles to turn right from both lanes on Baldivis Road when heading west on Safety Bay Road.  As a result, spiral linemarking has now been installed by Main Roads WA within the roundabout to assist drivers in turning right from Safety Bay Road (heading west) into Baldivis Road (heading north).

Spiral linemarking is required when the number of lanes on the exit leg is less than the number of circulating lanes. Vehicles within the circulating carriageway exiting from the right lane (heading west on Safety Bay Road) follow the spiral continuity line and are spiralled out towards the exit on Baldivis Road. The attached drawing shows the changes to the linemarking.


Cnr Safety Bay Rd and Baldivis Rd, Baldivis
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