Arcadia Drive Upgrades - Stage 1

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Project summary

We will be improving road safety for vehicles and pedestrians on Arcadia Drive, Shoalwater. Submissionsclosed on 16 June 2023. The City is considering the feedback received and is re-evaluating all options/alternatives to mitigate the safety issues encountered.

The City monitors, evaluates and adapts our roads regularly, especially our coastal roads, to ensure they continue to best meet current and future community needs. For this reason, Arcadia Drive, a major road that meanders through the Safety Bay and Showalter Foreshore has been earmarked for upgrading. It was identified for road improvement as part of the Safety Bay Shoalwater Foreshore Master Plan in 2018.

The Foreshore is a popular section of the City’s coastline. It contains a number of unique natural and built assets that are attractive to the general community and special interest groups such as wind and kitesurfing enthusiasts, the boating public and Penguin Island tourists. As a result there is ever increasing vehicular and foot traffic to this popular destination.To ensure the road caters for this demand into the future, Arcadia Drive will be upgraded in stages over the next few years. We appreciate these proposed upgrades may cause some disruption to you but they are necessary upgrades to the road network to improve road safety in our community. 

Proposed upgrades

A summary of the proposed Arcadia Dr Upgrades – Stage 1 include the following:

  1. Arcadia Drive and Liverpool Street

    Realign the footpath and install a raised plateau south of Liverpool Street.
  2. Arcadia Drive and Gloucester Avenue

    Install a painted median island on Gloucester Avenue to improve traffic flow in and out of the intersection.
  3. Arcadia Drive between Churchill Avenue and Churchill Place

    Install a raised plateau.
  4. Arcadia Drive between Churchill Place and Coventry Road

    Install a raised plateau.

These upgrades are shown in the plans below.

Frequently asked questions

How many stages are anticipated for the project? What is the likely timeline for construction?

The details and timeline for the project are as follows:





Boundary Road to Coventry Road



Coventry Road to McLarty Road



McLarty Road to Safety Bay Road


What is the purpose of a raised plateau? What does a raised plateau look like?

The main aim of installing a plateau is to slow down the traffic which creates a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists. An example of a plateau is shown below.

Raised bitumen on the road with white arrows.

Will cyclists be affected by these raised plateaus?

No. Cyclists will be able to move over the plateaus easily as they have a gentle slope that complies with Main Roads WA guidelines.

Why is the project scope different from the details shown in the Safety Bay Shoalwater Foreshore Master Plan?

When the Safety Bay Shoalwater Foreshore Master Plan was done in 2018, it was based on a desktop study and the available information at the time. Since then, we have conducted further research onsite and had to amend the original plan to accommodate the existing utility services, bus routes and other site constraints at the nominated intersections. Our proposed alternative treatments are equally effective traffic calming devices and will achieve a similar result: to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians in the area.

There are pedestrian crossings with raised refuge islands along Safety Bay Road. Why are these pedestrian crossings not being considered for Arcadia Drive, especially at Shoalwater Reserve Activity Node (Churchill Ave)?

The type of traffic treatment we use depends on a number of factors such as traffic volume, speed limit, vehicle type, site constraints, adjacent land use etc.

The traffic volume at Safety Bay Road is about 12,000 vehicles/day travelling at 60kmh whereas the traffic volume at Arcadia Drive is around 2500 vehicles/day travelling at 50kmh. As the traffic volume and speed limit are lower on Arcadia Drive, we have opted for different traffic treatments.

A pedestrian crossing with a raised refuge island was initially considered for the Shoalwater Reserve Activity Node, although it is not necessary due to the low traffic volume in the area. This type of pedestrian crossing also requires the road to be widened which will impact on the street lighting, utility pits and City assets at the Shoalwater Reserve Activity Node therefore it is not the preferred option.


Arcadia Drive, Shoalwater
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