Port Kennedy Community Centre

Address9 Clipper Drive, Port Kennedy
Venue type/s
  • Halls, Community Centres and Rooms
Available for hireHire this venue/facility

Features a main hall with a fully enclosed grassed area, multi-purpose room and meeting room.

Facilities and amenities

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  • Toilets
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  • Kitchen
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The facility features a main hall with a capacity of 200, a multi-purpose room with a capacity of 40, and a meeting room with a capacity of 12. The site also has a fully enclosed grassed area.

It is a popular facility for dance, fitness activities and meetings. Current user groups include fitness training, dance, craft groups, martial arts, church groups and Zumba. The centre is also used by a number of youth groups.

16th–21st birthday parties are not permitted at the centre.


9 Clipper Drive, Port Kennedy

Facilities/amenities available

Rectangular and round trestle tables, chairs, air-conditioning and heating, large kitchen. Parking for approximately 45 vehicles.

Types of hire

Regular fees apply to groups who make 10 or more bookings in a financial year.Main hall at the Port Kennedy Community Centre

Off peak times are from 6am–6pm.

Peak times are from 6pm–12am.


  • Any department, agency or instrumentality of the State of Commonwealth or any statutory body;
  • Any company or body corporate other than as association incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1987; or
  • Any individual intending to use the hired facility for profit or gain.


  • Any person or body other than a commercial hirer.

Hire fees

  • RoomCapacityRegular Off PeakRegular PeakCasual Off PeakCasual PeakFunction
    Main hall200$33$40$39$47$47
    Multi-purpose room40$25$30$30$35n/a
    Meeting room12$17$20$21$24n/a

    The above fees are an hourly rate.

  • RoomCapacityRegular Off PeakRegular PeakCasual Off PeakCasual PeakFunction
    Main hall200$23$28$27$33$47
    Multi-purpose room40$18$21$21$25n/a
    Meeting room12$13$15$16$18n/a

    The above fees are an hourly rate.

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