PhotoVoice Exhibition
The City of Rockingham, in conjunction with Mentally Healthy WA and local businesses, is involved in the 2019 Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice amateur photography competition.

PhotoVoice involves participants taking photos under a particular theme, in this case Act-Belong-Commit, and then including a sentence or short paragraph explaining the photo; this gives the photo a "voice".

There are 14 prize categories awarded, including cash prizes and vouchers.

In 2018 we received more than 450 entries. One hundred of these were exhibited at the Gary Holland Community Centre as part of the PhotoVoice Exhibition. Sixteen photographers were recognised as winners across the categories. 
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About PhotoVoice

How to enter

We are no longer accepting entries for the 2019 Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice Rockingham competition.


The 2019 Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice Competition included the following categories. 

There are two photographic styles that you can enter photos under:


Works with simple modification only (the equivalent to what you could do on a machine at a photo shop, or can be done within the program of Google Photos (for Windows computers) or iPhoto (for Apple Mac Computers) - i.e. no layers, only cropping, straightening, brightening, black and white, sepia etc.


Works can be extensively modified using computer software - Adobe Photoshop Elements for example.

Age categories

Under each style there are:
a. Four age categories for the community competition:
i) 12 years and under
ii) 13 -17 years
iii) 18 - 59 years (adult)
​iv) 60 years and over (seniors)

b. And a Student Workshop and Student Workshop - Abilities category for school and Education Support Centre students who participated in the digital photography workshops.

Additional categories

It is optional to enter photographs into these categories. These categories are:
'Standing Strong Together'– this category is open to entries that apply the Act-Belong-Commit message in Aboriginal culture.
Rockingham Foreshore – this category is open to entries that capture the Act, Belong, Commit message along the Rockingham foreshore.

PhotoVoice Exhibition
The 2019 PhotoVoice Exhibition will be held at the Gary Holland Community Centre, Kent Street, Rockingham, from Wednesday 18 September to Wednesday 9 October 2019. 
Photos chosen to be exhibited will be judged during the three-week exhibition and will be in the running to win prizes in their category. All photos will be judged equally on the composition of the photograph and the communication of the Act-Belong-Commit theme. The winners will be announced at an awards evening on Wednesday 9 October 2019 at the Gary Holland Community Centre.  
During the exhibition, visitors can wander through the exhibition and cast their public choice vote. The winner of this category will also be announced at the awards night.
The PhotoVoice project covers all costs associated with printing, framing and exhibiting the selected photos.
This year there will be an additional chance to view the amazing entries as sponsors of the PhotoVoice project, Rockingham Centre will be displaying the PhotoVoice entries for a period after the Gary Holland Centre exhibition closes. 

First and second prizes will be awarded to entrants in each category, including the workshop category as shown below:


  • PrizeNon-modifiedModified
    1st$250 (cash)$250 (cash)
    2nd$100 (voucher)$100 (voucher)
  • PrizeNon-modifiedModified
    1st$500 (cash)$500 (cash)
    2nd$100 (voucher)$100 (voucher)
  • PrizeNon-modifiedModified
    1st$250 (cash)$250 (cash)
    2nd$100 (voucher)$100 (voucher)
  • CategoryNon-modified
    Public Choice$200 (cash)
    Standing Strong Together$200 (cash)
    Rockinghan Foreshore$200 (cash)
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