PhotoVoice Exhibition
The City of Rockingham, in conjunction with Mentally Healthy WA and local businesses, is involved in the 2019 Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice amateur photography competition.

PhotoVoice involves participants taking photos under a particular theme, in this case Act-Belong-Commit, and then including a sentence or short paragraph explaining the photo; this gives the photo a "voice".

There are 14 prize categories awarded, including cash prizes and vouchers.

In 2018 we received more than 450 entries. One hundred of these were exhibited at the Gary Holland Community Centre as part of the PhotoVoice Exhibition. Sixteen photographers were recognised as winners across the categories. 
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About PhotoVoice

How to enter

We are no longer accepting entries for the 2019 Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice Rockingham competition.


The 2019 Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice Competition included the following categories. 

There are two photographic styles that you can enter photos under:


Works with simple modification only (the equivalent to what you could do on a machine at a photo shop, or can be done within the program of Google Photos (for Windows computers) or iPhoto (for Apple Mac Computers) - i.e. no layers, only cropping, straightening, brightening, black and white, sepia etc.


Works can be extensively modified using computer software - Adobe Photoshop Elements for example.

Age categories

Under each style there are:
a. Four age categories for the community competition:
i) 12 years and under
ii) 13 -17 years
iii) 18 - 59 years (adult)
​iv) 60 years and over (seniors)

b. And a Student Workshop and Student Workshop - Abilities category for school and Education Support Centre students who participated in the digital photography workshops.

Additional categories

It is optional to enter photographs into these categories. These categories are:
'Standing Strong Together'– this category is open to entries that apply the Act-Belong-Commit message in Aboriginal culture.
Rockingham Foreshore – this category is open to entries that capture the Act, Belong, Commit message along the Rockingham foreshore.

PhotoVoice Exhibition
The 2019 PhotoVoice Exhibition will be held at the Gary Holland Community Centre, Kent Street, Rockingham, from Wednesday 18 September to Wednesday 9 October 2019. 
Photos chosen to be exhibited will be judged during the three-week exhibition and will be in the running to win prizes in their category. All photos will be judged equally on the composition of the photograph and the communication of the Act-Belong-Commit theme. The winners will be announced at an awards evening on Wednesday 9 October 2019 at the Gary Holland Community Centre.  
During the exhibition, visitors can wander through the exhibition and cast their public choice vote. The winner of this category will also be announced at the awards night.
The PhotoVoice project covers all costs associated with printing, framing and exhibiting the selected photos.
This year there will be an additional chance to view the amazing entries as sponsors of the PhotoVoice project, Rockingham Centre will be displaying the PhotoVoice entries for a period after the Gary Holland Centre exhibition closes. 

First and second prizes will be awarded to entrants in each category, including the workshop category as shown below:


  • PrizeNon-modifiedModified
    1st$250 (cash)$250 (cash)
    2nd$100 (voucher)$100 (voucher)
  • PrizeNon-modifiedModified
    1st$500 (cash)$500 (cash)
    2nd$100 (voucher)$100 (voucher)
  • PrizeNon-modifiedModified
    1st$250 (cash)$250 (cash)
    2nd$100 (voucher)$100 (voucher)
  • CategoryNon-modified
    Public Choice$300 (cash)
    Standing Strong Together$200 (cash)
    Rockinghan Foreshore$200 (cash)


The 2019 Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice competition received over 550 entries. These underwent preliminary judging and 110 finalists were chosen. The below images are the finalists in their categories. If you would like to see the photographs accompanied by their 'Voice' please visit the Gary Holland Centre before Wednesday 9 October. Details of the exhibition can be found above.

2019 Finalists

  • Dylan Pike-Boddington River (12 years and under-Modified)
  • Emma Rosson-Laying Dog (12 years and under-Modified)
  • Emma Rosson-Salt Lake (12 years and under-Modified)
  • Darcy Brown-Sisters Selfie (Under 12 years, Non-Modified)
  • Annabelle Trinder-Artwork (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Annabelle Trinder-Book Reading (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Cadel Kovacs-Jumping for Joy (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Clare Williams-Exchange Student Involved with my Saturday Sport (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Ewen Oon-A Joyful Moment (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Finn McLoughlin-Keeping Fit Mentally and Physically (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Hunter Frazer-Fishing (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Kalani Herbert-Icecream with Friends (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Luca Campopiano-Stand Tall and Proud (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Mia Hendy-On Top of the World (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Noah Dugouchet-Sharp Suduko (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Sydeny Hodges -Swish (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Tia Antao-Park Bench (12 years and under-Non-Modified)
  • Breanna Obee-Mini Headphones (13-17 years-Modified)
  • Ellen Byl-Helping Hands (13-17 years-Modified)
  • Molly Balding-Journal Shelter (13-17 years-Modified)
  • Samantha Kennedy-The Power of Books (13-17 years-Modified)
  • Victoria Caltsounis-Fun with Friends (13-17 years-Modified)
  • Albert Fullard-Family (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Albert Fullard-Best Friends (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Breanna Obee-Balloon (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Chelsea Ghilardi-Belonging as Friends (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Christene Antonio-Honoring Gesture (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Christene Antonio-The Line Between Generations (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Clara Hamilton-Sunset on the Court (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Dianella Sollak-Bike Ride (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Dianella Sollak-Friendship (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Ella Brayne-Ella #2 (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Ellen Byl-Brave Steps (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Jaydee Le Scelle-Peaceful Hands (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Kaitlin Clark-Doing the Things You Love Keeps You Healthy (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Kaylee Schofield-Happy Chook (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Kudakwashe Hove-Light Buld Moment (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Leah Jones-Sliding Into Success (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Luke Newman-Dr Munjong (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Mackenzie Bauld-Team Work Makes the Dream Work (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Samuel Wilson-Peek-a-Boo (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Tim Norris-Crazy for Activity (13-17 years Non-Modified)
  • Amanda Brown-Clowning Around (18-59 years Modified)
  • David Clarendon-Enjoying Nature Together (18-59 years Modified)
  • Jamie Coromandel-Two Cultures One Heart (18-59 years Modified)
  • Katrina Glenn-Jump For Freedom (18-59 years Modified)
  • Steph Moses-Ghosttown Curiosities (18-59 years Modified)
  • Steph Moses-Teepee Memories (18-59 years Modified)
  • Angela Dugouchet-Balance (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Carolyn Carson-Caring for the Aged (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Carrie Caitlin-Dog Walking (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Debbie Dunn-Brother Beach (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Deborah Philips-A Great Team Brings Great Smiles (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Deirde Atkinson-Silencing the Sea (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Fiona Romanin-Backyard Graffiti (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Jennifer Kilshaw-When Kids Disconnect they Reconnect (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Jennifer Kilshaw-Grandmas Version of Netflix (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Jodie Barker-Surf Lifesaving Pool Rescue (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Katrina Glenn-Launch to Win (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Keely Jones-Your Passion (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Kristy Nash-We Belong (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Larrissa Hamilton-We Will Remember Them (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Linda Cates-Wilson-Aussie Aussie Aussie-Oi-Oi-Oi (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Melissa Richards-Stormy Mood (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Nadia Strachan-We're Going on a Bearhunt (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Nadia Strachan-Girls Out Doing Girl Things (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Sara Klute-The Eyes Say It All (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Winnie Cheong-Focus (18-59 years Non-Modified)
  • Bruce Fraser-Aboriginal Dreaming (60 years and over Modified)
  • Hilary Tunnard-Bridge Star Jumps for the Brains (60 years and over Modified)
  • Petr Le Scelle-Growing Up (60 years and over Modified)
  • Kerry Binks-Sunset (60 years and over Non-Modified)
  • Peter Le Scelle-High On Life (60 years and over Non-Modified)
  • Robert Britz-My Son My Life (60 years and over Non-Modified)
  • Abbey Schroder-Day With Friends (Student Workshops-Modified)
  • Damon Mestrovic-Behind Bars With Friends (Student Workshops-Modified)
  • Elle Rawlings-Belonging (Student Workshops-Modified)
  • Hermione Mohensin-Working as Family (Student Workshops-Modified)
  • Isabella Thomas-It All Goes Up In Flames (Student Workshops-Modified)
  • Isabella Thomas-Friends For Life (Student Workshops-Modified)
  • Jacob Colley-Expressed Jewlery (Student Workshops-Modified)
  • Joshua Gunson-The Light Wave Band (Student Workshops-Modified)
  • Julia Wollstein-Siblings (Student Workshops-Modified)
  • Melanie Clothier- Monkeying Around (Student Workshops-Modified)
  • Zoe Neil-Hanging Around (Student Workshops-Modified)
  • Anika Di Lallo-Beauty of the Ocean (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • Anike Di Lallo-Living in the Moment (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • Courtney Robinson-Close Bond (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • Electra Easton-The Greatest Adventures Happen When Young (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • Jessica Ryding-My Upside Down Life (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • Joshua Gunson-Shark Bay Skyline (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • Keira Fuller-True Colours (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • Mia Stoddart-Loving Dance (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • Shani Parker-Garden (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • Tom Prentice-Excited for Football (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • Tom Prentice- Puzzle (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • Jaolyn-Flower Power (Student Workshop-Abilities)
  • Sarah Wagner-Learning (Student Workshop-Abilities)
  • Tiffney Sutherland-Fun Times (Student Workshop-Abilities)
  • Skye Carley-Crazy World (Student Workshops-Non-Modified)
  • David Clarendon-Enjoying Nature Together (Standing Strong Together)
  • Deborah Philips- Footy is Family (Standing Strong Together)
  • Megan Wight-The Ties That Bind (Standing Strong Together)
  • Peter Le Scelle-Joining the Dots (Standing Strong Together)
  • Sally Newman- Colour Me Happy (Standing Strong Together)
  • Debbie Dunn-Family Fishing (Rockingham Foreshore)
  • Jamie McBride-A Girl and Her Dog (Rockingham Foreshore)
  • Joseph Ford-Walking in Paradise (Rockingham Foreshore)
  • Melaie Clothier-Precious Time (Rockingham Foreshore)
  • Sally Newman-Biding My Tide (Rockingham Foreshore)
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