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Spotlight on Carers

What is a carer?

A carer is someone who provides unpaid personal care, support and assistance to family members and/or friends with disability, mental illness, a chronic condition, terminal illness, alcohol or other drug issues, or who are frail aged.

Carers make a significant difference in the lives of the people they care for, and also make an invaluable social and economic contribution through the support they provide.

Spotlight on Carers Photography Exhibition

Carers come in all shapes and sizes. The Spotlight on Carers Photography Exhibition was held to celebrate carers by shining a light on the wonderful work they do every day for their family members and friends. 

The exhibition was held from Saturday 10 to Monday 19 October 2020 at Rockingham Library. The exhibition showcased the photographs submitted for the Spotlight on Carers Photography Competition held earlier in the year.

Visitors to the exhibition had the chance to vote for the People’s Choice Awards.

Find out more for support available for carers in Western Australia by contacting Carers WA.

Spotlights on Carers Photography Competition Mary Milne winning photo


Congratulations to Mary Milne for winning the Spotlight on Carers Photography Competition with her beautiful photo of her husband and daughter. The judges particularly loved the way the photo and the caption together portrayed the strength of the bond between all three of them.

Mary wrote:

“Feeling wholeheartedly loved and supported by my husband and daughter, they are giving up so much to provide me with the care and help that I need. Their strength and dedication is admirable, I’m truly blessed they're a part of my life.”

Nicola Blackshaw's photoPeople's Choice

Congratulations to Nicola Blackshaw for winning the People’s Choice Award for her beautiful photo of her friend.

Nicola wrote:

“Jo Needham is an amazing person and wonderful friend. A single Mum, bringing up two very special boys who need extra care.”

Thank you also to all the other entrants who helped the City to shine a light on the wonderful work that carers (unpaid) do on a daily basis.

See the full gallery of photographs below.


  • Winning photograph submitted by Mary Milne
  • People's Choice Award winner photograph submitted by Nicola Blackshaw
  • Photograph submitted by Marie Walters
  • Photograph submitted by Pauline Collier
  • Photograph submitted by Sharon Berry
  • Photograph submitted by Tara Kenny
  • Photograph submitted by Kerri Lock
  • Photograph submitted by Emma Collyer
  • Photograph submitted by Del Smith
  • Photograph submitted by Amy Bainbridge
  • Photograph submitted by Kaye Gambling
  • Photograph submitted by Julianne Ryan
  • Photograph submitted by Kylie Johnston
  • Photograph of painting submitted by Mary Milne
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