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Preparing Your Workforce for a Defence Contract

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  • Date
    26 May 2022
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    Gary Holland Community Centre
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The City of Rockingham is running a series of workshops to support local business to become Defence Ready. These in-person workshops are designed to provide need-to-know information and critical insights to help businesses prepare and tender for work in the Defence supply chain. Preparing your business to take on a new, large contract in Defence is more than just getting the work systems and processes in place. Preparing the employees and contractors who will be delivering the work is crucial to ensure consistent, sustainable delivery in the long term and improve the retention and morale of the team.

This workshop will review workforce planning, attraction and retention strategies, career and succession planning for their employees. It will also go through the basics of employee consultation and change management to ensure employees are heard and play a constructive part of the preparation and change to work in the defence sector.

Presenter: Angela Edwards

Angela is an experienced senior leader with almost 25 years’ experience in all aspects of human resources management including talent identification, recruitment, training and development, retention strategies and industrial relations. During her eight years at as HR Director of CHC Helicopter Asia Pacific, Angela worked team providing search and rescue and aeromedical recovery helicopter services to the Royal Australian Air Force, Navy and Army, as well as State Government emergency response services and offshore oil and gas passenger transfer customers.

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Gary Holland Community Centre

19 Kent Street, Rockingham
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