Health and wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

City of Rockingham Health and Wellbeing Profile (May 2019)

Our Health and Wellbeing Profile was produced by the South Metropolitan Public Health Unit and the Department of Health WA. The profile demonstrates that the City of Rockingham plays a significant role in creating an environment for communities to prosper and enjoy good health. It influences many aspects of community life which contribute to health and wellbeing, e.g. urban planning, parks and facilities, transport, social support and community participation. The information in this profile will help to inform Council, the public, partners and other stakeholders about how well the local population is faring, and provide us with the evidence required to plan effectively for the health and wellbeing of the local community.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2018-2022

Our Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2018-2022 highlights the City’s vision for improving the health and wellbeing of the community.
Through extensive research of local community health needs and wider public health priorities, we have identified four priority areas which will form the key elements of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2018-2022.
The four priority areas of the strategy are:
• sport, recreation and physical activity
• social cohesion
• healthy lifestyles
• community education and awareness.

Please read on below to find out more about the many ways we are supporting the health and wellbeing of Rockingham residents. 

Nutrition workshop Nutrition workshop

Healthy eating and nutrition

We run free healthy eating and nutrition workshops throughout the year.

Coming workshops will be posted on this page and the What's On Calendar.

Food Sensations for Adults is currently fully booked. Future nutrition and healthy eating workshops will be promoted on this page.

Fitness class Fitness class

Active living 

We offer endless opportunities to Get Active

We also have a range of sport and recreation opportunities. Check out the  sport and recreation  page for more information.

If you are looking for an opportunity to join a club, get active or try something new check out the Rockingham Activity Guide.


Ways to get involved

Social Connector Program
Don’t have plans on the second Monday of each month? Want to get out and meet new people in Rockingham and try out fantastic food at local restaurants and cafes? All you need is a spare two hours a month from 12pm to 2pm. Anyone can attend and transport is available for those who meet the eligibility criteria.
For further information or to book in please call 9528 0333 or email
To find out more information about our Social Connector programs, visit community support services.
Heart Foundation Walking groups

Heart Foundation Walking is Australia's largest network of free community-based walking groups coordinated locally by the City of Rockingham. 

We have a number of free walking groups available for anyone to join. Meet regularly and enjoy a fun and social way to stay fit and healthy. 

If you would like to know more visit our Heart Foundation Walking page. 

Community workshops

We regularly run free community workshops. There is something for everyone. 

We also have events that are a great way to take part in your community. 

See our What's On Calendar for current events. 

Act Belong Commit

Act-Belong-Commit encourage everyone to do things to keep mentally healthy, just like we do things to stay physically healthy. 

It's as easy as A-B-C


Keep mentally, physically and socially active.


Maintain and create new social connections, become involved in local groups, attend community events.


Take up a cause, volunteer, commit to something that brings meaning and purpose to your life.

If you would like to know more, visit Act-Belong-Commit for opportunities to get involved. 

Volunteering is a fantastic way to give back and stay active in the community. If you would like to become a volunteer see our Volunteering page. 

Support groups

Alzheimers Support Group

Meets every second Wednesday of the month, from 1pm–4pm at the Autumn Centre, McNicholl Street, Rockingham.

Cancer Support Group

Meets every Thursday from 10am-12pm at the Autumn Centre, McNicholl Street, Rockingham.

Rockingham/Peel Cancer Support Group (CCWA)

Support groups offer a confidential, supportive place to share experiences, learn from and connect with, others affected by cancer.  The Rockingham/Peel group meets fortnightly on a Wednesday. For more information, please visit the CCWA website or contact Melanie Taylor on 9591 3118.  

Breast Cancer Care WA

Visit Breast Cancer Care WA for information on local support groups.

Grandcare Support Group

The group meets at the Autumn Centre. Please check the notice board at the Autumn Centre for next group date.

Parkinson's Support Group

The Parkinson's Support Group meets every second Thursday of the month from 1pm–3pm. For more information, please contact the Autumn Centre on 9528 8560.

Prostate Cancer Support Group

The group meets every third Thursday of the month from 7pm–9pm at the Autumn Centre. For further information please contact Stephen on 0433 345 081 or email

Rockingham Carer Support Group

Support and information groups for carers of someone with a mental illness. The group meets every third Monday of the month from 1pm–3pm at Rockingham Mental Health, corner of Ameer and Clifton Street, Rockingham. For further information, please call 9427 7100 or email

Community gardens - Grow It Local

Gardening is good for the soul. If you are looking for an opportunity to join a local garden, visit our Grow It Local page for inspiration and more information about local community gardens you can join.

Grow It Local is a new community initiative to encourage more people to grow, share and eat locally grown foods. We are one of the first local governments to proudly support the initiative and we are encouraging local growers to "put their patch on the map" on the Grow It Local websiteopens in a new window.

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