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Planning policies, procedures and information sheets

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Planning policies are the adopted position of the Council on various planning matters which either expand on the requirements in the Town Planning Scheme or provide direction on those matters where the scheme enables the Council to exercise discretion.

All planning applications will be assessed against the relevant criteria contained within the scheme and policies.

Procedures (both Planning and Engineering) are intended to set out statutory requirements and provide guidelines/procedures regarding administrative requirements for certain aspects of the planning process.

Council also prepares information sheets and checklists to provide guidance and assistance to applicants.

Planning Policies

No Title Type Size and format
3.1.1 Rural Land Strategy Planning Policy PDF 6.3 MB
3.1.2 Local Commercial Strategy Planning Policy PDF 6.6 MB
3.2.1 Development Policy Plan - City Centre Sector Planning Policy PDF 5.3 MB
3.2.2 Development Policy Plan - Smart Village Sector Planning Policy PDF 7.8 MB
3.2.3 Secret Harbour Town Centre Planning Policy PDF 859 kb
3.2.4 Baldivis Town Centre Planning Policy PDF 1.3 MB
3.2.5 Development Policy Plan - Waterfront Village Sector
*please see additional information below
Planning Policy PDF 18.9 MB
3.2.6 Development Policy Plan - Northern Waterfront Sector Planning Policy PDF 10.2 MB
3.2.8 Development Policy Plan - Campus Sector Planning Policy PDF 4.4 MB
3.2.9 Development Policy Plan - Eastern Sector Planning Policy PDF 6.9 MB
3.2.12 Development Policy Plan - Southern Gateway and Rockingham Station Sectors Planning Policy PDF 4.7 MB
3.3.1 Control of Advertisements Planning Policy PDF 404 kb
3.3.2 Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Planning Policy PDF 134 kb
3.3.4 Cash-in-Lieu of Car Parking Planning Policy PDF 90 kb
3.3.5 Child Care Premises Planning Policy PDF 171 kb
3.3.6 Development Guidelines for Special Residential Zones Planning Policy PDF 183 kb
3.3.7 Display Home Centres Planning Policy PDF 49 kb
3.3.8 East Rockingham Development Guidelines Planning Policy PDF 28 MB
3.3.8 East Rockingham Development Guidelines - Appendix 1 Planning Policy PDF 12.4 MB
3.3.8 East Rockingham Development Guidelines - Appendix 2 Planning Policy PDF 3.1 MB
3.3.8 East Rockingham Development Guidelines - Appendix 3 Planning Policy PDF 1.9 MB
3.3.9 Fast Food Outlets Planning Policy PDF 55 kb
3.3.10 Home Occupations and Home Businesses Planning Policy PDF 75 kb
3.3.11 Motor Vehicle Wrecking Premises Planning Policy PDF 105 kb
3.3.13 Parking of Commercial Vehicles in Residential Zones Planning Policy PDF 31 kb
3.3.14 Bicycle Parking and End of Trip Facilities Planning Policy PDF 106 kb
3.3.15 Bulk Earthworks Planning Policy PDF 125 kb
3.3.16 Telecommunications Infrastructure Planning Policy PDF 68 kb
3.3.17 Variations to Building Envelopes Planning Policy PDF 50 kb
3.3.18 Salvage Yards Planning Policy PDF 104 kb
3.3.19 Licensed Premises Planning Policy PDF 225 kb
3.3.20 Residential Design Codes Planning Policy PDF 139 kb
3.3.21 Heritage Conservation and Development Planning Policy PDF 153 kb
3.3.22 Medium-Density Single House Development Standards - Development Zones Planning Policy PDF 1.7 MB 
3.3.23 Waikiki Hotel Site - Urban Design Guidelines Planning Policy PDF 975 kb
3.4.1 Public Open Space Planning Policy PDF 104 kb
3.4.2 Subdivision Fencing (includes Appendix 1) Planning Policy PDF 266 kb
3.4.3 Urban Water Management Planning Policy PDF 170 kb
7.1 East Rockingham Industrial Park: Environmental Planning Planning Policy PDF 325 kb
7.2 Local Bushland Strategy Planning Policy PDF 944 kb
7.3 Cockburn Sound Catchment Planning Policy PDF 2.6 MB
7.4 Design Review Panel Planning Policy PDF 161 kb

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Planning Procedures

No Title Type Size and format
1.1 Delegated Authority Planning Procedure PDF 90 kb
1.2 Development Assessment Unit Planning Procedure PDF 35 kb
1.3 Community Consultation Planning Procedure PDF 362 kb
1.4 Street Names and Their Themes Planning Procedure PDF 447 kb
1.5 Closure of Pedestrian Access Ways Planning Procedure PDF 45 kb
1.6 Preparation and Assessment of Structure Plans Planning Procedure PDF 132 kb
1.8 Urban Water Management Planning Procedure PDF 3 MB
1.10 Extractive Industries Planning Procedure PDF 102 kb
1.11 Standard Conditions and Footnotes for Development Approvals Planning Procedure PDF 136 kb
1.13 Model Subdivision Conditions Schedule for Subdivision Applications Planning Procedure PDF 225 kb
1.14 Preparation and Assessment of Scheme Amendments Planning Procedure PDF 1.04 MB
1.15 Preparation and Assessment of Development Applications Planning Procedure PDF 194 kb
1.16 Carparking and Access Considerations for People with Disability Planning Procedure PDF 280 kb
1.17 Preparation and Assessment of Applications for Subdivision Clearance Planning Procedure PDF 154 kb
1.18 Preparation and Assessment of Development Applications for Bulk Earthworks Planning Procedure PDF 140 kb
1.19 Development Assessment Panel Applications Planning Procedure PDF 189 kb
1.20 Flag Poles in the Residential Zone Planning Procedure PDF  98kb
1.21 Requirements for Planning Proposals in Bushfire Prone Areas Planning Procedure PDF 691 kb
1.22 Design Review Panel Planning Procedure PDF 186 kb
1.23 Environmental Assessment Planning Procedure PDF 134 kb
1.24 Engineering Assessment Planning Procedure PDF 889 kb
1.25 Landscape Assessment Planning Procedure PDF 255 kb
1.26 Traffic Assessment Planning Procedure PDF 243 kb
1.27 Guidelines for Parklets Planning Procedure PDF 433 kb

Engineering Procedures

No Title Type Size and format
1.1 Issuing Notice Under Section 3.25 of the Local Government Act for Sand and Dust Drift Engineering Procedure PDF 68 kb

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Information sheets

Title Type Size and format
What Requires Development Approval? Information sheet PDF 103 kb
Filling of Land Checklist Information sheet PDF 216 kb
Home Office Information Sheet Information sheet PDF 64 kb
WAPC Residential Density and Housing Examples Perth WA - DPI 2004 Information sheet PDF 3.1 MB
Heritage Information sheet PDF 1.3 MB
Northern Waterfront Sector Information sheet PDF 1.5 MB
Preparation of Environmental Assessment Reports to Inform Structure Plan Applications Information sheet PDF 136 kb

Please see additional information below relating to Planning Policy No.3.2.5 - Development Policy Plan - Waterfront Village Sector. Please contact Planning Services on 9528 0333 to discuss further with a Planning Officer.