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Development Applications - Online Lodgement, Fees and Forms

Before lodging a Development Application, applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposal with the City's Planning Services.  The City will advise whether the desired land use or development complies with the development standards and requirements of Town Planning Scheme No.2.  Pre-lodgement meetings are encouraged and are free of cost by the City.

Please note: Single house (including patio additions) or two Grouped Dwelling applications on Residential zoned land do not require Development Approval. In this regard, please make separate enquiries with the City's Building Services on 9528 0333 to check if an R-Codes Approval is required in addition to a Building Permit. If you lodge an application that is not required the City will cancel it and refund the application fee. To avoid application delays, please follow this advice.

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See also: Planning policies, procedures and information sheets.

Development Applications online lodgement

Do you want to lodge a Development Application online?

First time users will need to create a new account for online lodgement of a Development Application through Rock Port.

Once your request to create a new account is received, the City's Business Systems Team will create an account which will allow you to lodge Development Applications online and make payment accordingly.
Please note that it can take up to two business days for a new account to be established. For urgent matters please email your application to

Existing users, if you have previously lodged a Development Application online with the City, you can log in to your existing Rock Port account.

Planning forms and fees

Title Type Size and Format
Application for Development Approval Form PDF 101 kb
Additional Information for Development Approval for Advertisements Form PDF 88 kb
Application for Subdivision Clearance Form PDF 143 kb
WAPC Subdivision Application Form Form PDF 178 kb
Scale of Fees Information sheet PDF 54 kb
Form 24 Application Form Form PDF 46 kb
Form 24 Application Guide and Fees Information sheet PDF 177 kb
Section 40 Certificate Form PDF 145 kb

Planning checklists

Title Type Size and format
Home Occupation / Home Business / Cottage Industries Checklist Information Sheet PDF 125 kb
Building Envelope Modification Checklist Information Sheet PDF 76 kb
Bed and Breakfast Checklist - Hosted Information Sheet PDF 251 kb 
Short Stay Accommodation Checklist - Unhosted Information Sheet PDF 256 kb
Commercial Vehicle Parking in a Residential Zone Checklist Information Sheet PDF 66 kb
Filling of Land Checklist Information Sheet PDF 216 kb
Keeping of Livestock Checklist Information Sheet PDF 1 MB