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Accessible playgrounds, beaches and facilities

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Beach access

The City is renowned for its wonderful coastline, and this is a major attraction for residents and visitors alike. However, access to the beach and water is a major issue for many community members, in particular people with disability.

Beach access matting Example of beach access matting

Beach access matting provides assistance for many people, including people with disability, seniors, and parents with prams, making it easier to get from the main footpath onto the sand.
The City installs beach access matting at various locations on a seasonal basis, generally from October through to April each year depending on weather conditions.

Currently, beach access matting is available at the following locations:

  • Palm Beach, Rockingham – just to the west of the jetty, accessed by using the ramp
  • Governor Road Reserve, East Rockingham – use the sealed pathway adjacent to the toilet block
  • Bell Park, Rockingham – adjacent to the toilets near the Wanliss Street carpark
  • Phoebe Hymus Park, Rockingham – use the sealed pathway from Alexandra Street carpark.

Beach wheelchairs

Beach wheelchairs are designed for use in outdoor environments and specifically for use on sand and in or near salt water. The City has two types of beach wheelchair available for loan free of charge.


The Mobi-Chair is available for loan free of charge from The Cruising Yacht Club. Key features of this chair include:

  • Portability – can be collapsed and transported in large vehicles.
  • The armrests and wheels are comprised of flotation materials that enable the chair to fully float in any water.
  • The integrated handles on the armrests provide added stability while enjoying the ride on land or in the water.
  • Weight capacity of up to 130kg.

More information about the Mobi-Chair:

Beach Trekker

The Beach Trekker wheelchair is available for loan free of charge from The Cruising Yacht Club and the Seaside Camp for Kids. Key features of this chair include:

  • Weight capacity of up to 110kg
  • Stability over variable terrain – suitable for soft sand and into the water.

More information about the Beach Trekker:

Booking a chair

Contact the following organisations to arrange a time to book a chair:

The Cruising Yacht Club
Val Street, Rockingham
Tel: 9527 5468
Open Monday to Friday 9am–5pm
Chairs available: Beach Trekker and Mobi-Chair

Seaside Camp for Kids
Hymus Street, Peron
Tel: 9527 1127
Open 7 days a week 9am–8pm
Chairs available: Beach Trekker

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The Harbour Playground The underwater cave at The Harbour Playground

The Harbour Playground inclusive play space is on the Secret Harbour foreshore and is designed for all ages and abilities. It is a play space for the entire community which provides opportunities for families and friends with different abilities and skills to play alongside each other in a safe environment. The park features an “underwater cave” with a giant octopus. All areas of the cave, including the tunnel are accessible and offer a range of play pieces including seaweed ropes, slides and a giant whirlpool net. There are also a wide range of play areas that include a cruise line swing and a wheelchair-accessible roundabout.

Fantasy Park - Waikiki

This award-winning accessible playground for people with disability is located in Rand Avenue in Waikiki.
The park features:

  • A sensory garden and touching panels for the visually impaired
  • Large stone animal sculptures designed for interactive play
  • User-friendly barbecues and picnic tables
  • Eight accessible parking bays on site
  • Accessible unisex toilet on site
  • A pick-up/set down bay suitable for a bus is provided in the parking area.

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Hearing Loop

Assistance for customers who use hearing aids

Portable, cross the counter, hearing loops are now available to provide assistance to customers at the following locations:Library customer using portable hearing loop across the counter.

  • Mary Davies Library and Community Centre
  • Warnbro Community Library
  • Rockingham Central Library
  • Safety Bay Library
  • Autumn Centre
  • Aqua Jetty
  • Administration Building.

These units provide hearing aid wearers with assistance in situations where they are having one-to-one conversations in meetings, at reception desks or other customer service situations.

What is a Hearing Loop?

A hearing loop (sometimes called an induction loop) is an assistive listening device that benefits people with hearing aids. The hearing loop provides a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by the hearing aid when it is set to the T position.

Benefits include:

  • unwanted background noise is minimised
  • sound goes directly into the hearing aid
  • can be used by anyone with a compatible hearing aid (please note that not all hearing aids have a T position).

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Accessible jetties

Rockingham offers great facilities for fishing enthusiasts, and both the Val Street and Palm Beach jetties have been designed to allow easy access for people in wheelchairs or with other mobility restrictions.

Accessible toilet facilities are also available nearby to both jetties.

More information about accessible fishing locations is available on the Fishability website, including a map of fishing locations across Western Australia which are categorised according to their level of accessibility for people with disability.
Val Street Jetty

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Adult change facilities

A fundamental barrier to social inclusion is a lack of appropriate toileting facilities for people with severe or Adult Change Facilitiesprofound disability. The City of Rockingham is seeking to address this by building toilet facilities that have adult sized change tables, a hoist and enough space for a carer to assist.

These toilet facilities are being considered for inclusion in some new community facilities and are currently available at the following venues: