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The pound can be contacted on 9528 0333. Only the owner of the dog can collect the animal. 

If you want to appoint a delegate to collect an animal on your behalf, you will need to contact the Pound Officer prior to collection on 9528 0333.

If your dog isn't registered or microchipped and especially if it is highly sought-after dog breed,  you will need to satisfy the ranger on duty that the dog is, in fact, yours.

The dog will need to be microchipped (proof will be required) and registered in accordance with the Dog Act 1976.  If the dog is not microchipped, you will need to purchase a pre-paid microchip from a vet, and present the Pound Officer with the chip number, the vet's name and the date and time the procedure will be carried out.

You will need to visit the pound during opening hours to collect your pet.

Pound opening hours

The Pound is located on Hurrell Way, Rockingham. Opening times are Monday to Friday  between 3.30pm and 4.30pm (excluding public holidays).


Fees and charges

You will need to pay pound fees and any other fees payable via cash or EFTPOS only.

Fee Description Amount ($) incl. of GST
Impound fee $70 per dog
Registration fee If applicable (dog registration fees)
Sustenance fee $30 per day
Surrender fee $100 per dog

Animal rehoming

If an animal is not reunited with their owner after seven days, the City makes arrangements to rehome the animal through local rescue groups.  The City does not rehome animals directly to the public and uses local agencies to ensure the animals are found loving new homes.  Local rescue agencies have specific information on their websites on how to adopt animals and should be contacted directly to make these arrangements.

Gallery of animals currently in the pound

Animal Image

Impound Number: 444-19
Sex: Male
Colour: Tan
Breed: Staffy X
Location Found: Baldivis
Date Found: 24 Jun 2019
Comments: chipped.

Animal Image

Impound Number: 438-19
Sex: Male
Colour: Black
Breed: Domestic Short Haired (cat)
Location Found: Singleton
Date Found: 21 Jun 2019
Comments: No chip Entire

Animal Image

Impound Number: 422-19
Sex: Male
Colour: Black/White
Breed: Domestic Short Haired (cat)
Location Found: Baldivis
Date Found: 17 Jun 2019
Comments: Chipped- left msg on phone

Animal Image

Impound Number: 407-19
Sex: Female
Colour: Brindle
Breed: Staffy X
Location Found: Woodbridge McDonalds
Date Found: 12 Jun 2019

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