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Health services

Holding an event

Find out about requirements for holding an event in the City of Rockingham including applications forms and advice.

Local health services

Find out about health services in the City of Rockingham including hospitals, dentist, mental health, and support groups.

Noise disturbance

What to do if you are experiencing noise disturbance.

Food safety

Find out about avoiding food poisoning, storing food and general food safety advice.

Food businesses

Find out information on running a food business.

Immunisation and child health clinics

Find out about child health centres and where to get your children immunised.

Pest control

Find out about the management of pests including mosquitoes, bees, European wasps, paper wasps, cockroaches, millipedes, and rodents.

Waste water

Find out about waste water regulations including nutrient retentive systems, installing and decommissioning systems, and grey water.