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Streetscapes are typically described as the area of land between a road edge and the adjacent property boundary.  The City ensures streetscapes are developed to an appropriate and consistent standard, with due regard to aesthetics and public safety. 

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Residential Crossovers

example compliant crossover

Is a permit required or do I need to submit an application prior to constructing a crossover? 

The first crossover does not need a separate application, but an application will need to be submitted to the City for any additional crossover.  Please ensure that the crossover complies with the City of Rockingham crossover specification below. 

Can I remove the existing footpath to make way for the crossover?

No, the footpath cannot be removed to make way for the crossover. The intent of the concrete footpath is to provide a continuous uniform path giving the pedestrian right of way and to prevent unwanted blocking of pedestrian access due to vehicles being parked on the crossover.

Can I remove the existing kerbing?

Yes, a property owner can replace existing kerbing at their own expense with a concrete apron (for a brick paved crossover) or have a concrete crossover which borders the road at their own expense. A 25mm bull lip is required. Please refer to the City’s crossover specification below.

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Can I reduce the wing size?

The ideal wing size for the crossover is exactly 1.5m.  Wing size must not be reduced unless there is no other design alternative due to site-specific constraints or surrounding assets. In such cases, reducing wing size to less than 1.5m (but not less than 1m) may be considered. You need to submit an application to the City for a modified crossover.

What is the maximum width of the crossover?

The maximum width of a crossover is 7m for the section between the boundary line and 1.5m behind the kerb line.

How much rebate am I entitled to?

If the crossover complies with the City's specification, you may be reimbursed 50% of the cost of a single width concrete crossover at a rate established by the City on commercial construction rates.

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What is the required gradient/slope of a crossover?

The required gradient/slope of a crossover is 2%.

Can I have the crossover all the way to the property side boundary?

No, the crossover must maintain at least 400mm offset from the property side boundary (excluding wings).

What is the minimum distance from a crossover to street trees or utility boxes/pits?

All elements of the crossover (including wings) shall be located at a minimum distance of 2m from street trees (to the trunk) and 1m from side entry pits, street light poles, bus stops, and pram ramps to obstructions. 

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Specifications for a Residential Crossover and Application Form Form PDF 639 kb

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Verges and Verge Treatments

What is a permissible verge treatment?example of compliant verge

Permissible verge treatments are planting and maintenance of a natural lawn and/or planting and maintenance of a garden.  Brick paving, gravel, stones, blue metal, or artificial turf are not acceptable verge treatments.  Mulch is also not acceptable, however organic mulch may be applied for the maintenance of a garden.

Who is responsible for the up keep of the verge?

It is the owner/occupier’s responsibility to maintain the verge directly bordering their property.

Does this City reimburse or provide subsidy to home occupiers for maintaining verges?

The City does not reimburse property owners for the installation or maintenance of verge treatments as per the Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2001 Local Law.

Name Type Format and Size
Street Verge Development Policy Policy PDF 163 kb