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Rockingham Early Years ServicesEarly-Years

The City of Rockingham is dedicated to providing the community with information related to the Early Years (age 0-8). Below is an outline of some of the services that you may be interested in accessing.

For more information on Early Years services in the City of Rockingham, please sign up to our newsletter.

This Early Years poster outlines ways that you can help to give your child the best start in life.

The City's Library Services offer storytime, Better Beginnings and other programs that support early skills development.

Australian Early Development Census (AEDC)

The Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) is a population-based measure of how children have developed by the time they start school. It looks at five areas of early childhood development: physical health and wellbeing; social competence; emotional maturity; language and cognitive skills; and communication skills and general knowledge.

Teachers of children in their first year of formal schooling complete the checklist on each child after they have had a chance to observe their development. Communities can use the results from the AEDC to understand where children may be developmentally vulnerable and provide early years services to support children before they start school.

For more information and results of the AEDC, including results for the Rockingham area, you can visit the AEDC website.


Playgroup WA provides information on playgroups in your area. You can also find out how to start your own playgroup.


Childcare services in the City of Rockingham are advertised on the website. The website provides all the information you will need to find suitable childcare services that meet your requirements.

Family and Community Centres

Family and Community Centres provide activities for young children, including playgroups and parenting courses. Please contact the centre in your area for more information. Contact information is available by visiting each centres' website or Facebook page.

Child Health Services

Child Health Services are staffed by registered nurses with qualifications in child and family health. They provide a range of services in partnership with parents and carers of babies and young children up to the age of four years.

Community Child Health Nurses can assess children's health and development as well as provide information about many aspects of parenting, maternal and family health and healthy lifestyles.

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Other Services

Rockingham Early Years Group

The Rockingham Early Years Group (REYG) aims to become the leading advocate for children and families in the Rockingham region, recognised for connecting the Early Years community through a partnership building approach, shared expertise and the delivery of programs and resources.

The REYG meets every six weeks. If you would like to join the meetings, please email for membership information.


KEYS is a not-for-profit charity that has been providing support and services free to Kwinana and Rockingham residents including counselling, Family Support, Play Connect and Best Beginnings.


Ngala is a provider of Early Parenting and Early Childhood services with a passion for supporting and guiding families and young children through the journey of parenting. Parenting workshops and playtimes are offered in Rockingham.

Raising Children Network

The Raising Children Network website offers up-to-date research based material on more than 800 topics spanning child development, behaviours, health, nutrition, fitness, sleep safety and more.

Key offerings include:

  • Accessible, credible parenting information
  • Opportunities to connect through a national network of support and services
  • A wide range of innovative features
  • Reliable, scientifically validated content.


Communicare aims to create community inclusion and community safety. Communicare provides the following services:

  • Children's services
  • Family services
  • Settlement services
  • Education and training services
  • Employment services
  • Family violence and justice services.

Mothers of Pre-schoolers

Mothers of Pre-schoolers (MOPS) groups operate in your area. MOPS meetings provide an opportunity for women from all backgrounds to meet together and enjoy time to themselves while their children are cared for in the MOPPETS program. For more information, please visit the MOPS website or contact your local MOPS coordinator.

Better Health Programs

The free Better Health Program is a fun and interactive 10-week healthy lifestyle program for children aged 7-13 years who are above a healthy weight, and their families.

In a supportive and friendly environment, the program covers information about healthy eating and includes an hour of physical activity at every session. Sessions run twice a week, for 2 hours.

Children build confidence, boost self-esteem and get fit playing fun games, while parents learn new skills to ensure their children are fit and healthy.
The best part about the program is that it’s free.
Programs run every school term at Mike Barnett Sports Complex in Rockingham and many other locations. Call 1300 822 953, text 0409 745 645 or visit

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FlFO Families Rockingham

If you are part of a FIFO family and would like some support, get connected to services, and be able to network with other FIFO families, please contact FIFO Families Rockingham via email on

Defence Community Organisation

Defence Community Organisation offers a broad range of programs and services to help Defence families make the most of the challenges and opportunities provided by the military way of life. Follow this link for further details  

Useful Links

Breastfeeding Association of WA

Department for Child Protection

Department for Local Government and Communities

Department of Education

Family Assistance

Kidsafe WA

Therapy Focus

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