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Creating a Safer Community

Community Safety Starts with You

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The City of Rockingham has a range of initiatives to support its residents in creating a safer community. These initiatives aim to raise awareness and to promote public safety and to create a feeling of security in the community.

Making it Tougher for Crooks - Community Safety Starts With You

Are You Making Tougher for Crooks logo with Benny the Burglar.Are you making it tougher on crooks?
The Making it Tougher for Crooks - Community Safety Starts With You campaign is a partnership between the City of Rockingham, WA Police Community Engagement Division and the three police stations servicing the Cities of Rockingham, Kwinana and Mandurah.

The campaign aims to educate the community about how we can collectively work together to make our community safer.

Visit Making it Tougher on Crooks to learn tips on how to make your home, car and community more secure.

Dash Cloths

The Community Safety Dash Cloth is an initiative aimed at helping reduce the rate of vehicle break-ins occurring in the City of Rockingham.

The dash cloths are a great tool in assisting you to reduce your risk of vehicle break-ins. The dash cloths let thieves know that all valuables have been removed from your vehicle and serves as a reminder to yourself to secure your valuables.

If it is not possible to remove all valuables, it is best to put them in the boot of your vehicle before arriving at your destination. The cloth can also be used to wipe off suctions marks from the windscreen caused by items such as GPS and mobile phone holders, which could tip off thieves that those items are within your vehicle.

Dash cloths are handed out at community engagement sessions and events, or are available upon request. To request a dash cloth, contact the Community Safety Team at the City of Rockingham at or by calling 9528 0333.

Beach WatchBeach Watch

Beach Watch is part of the Neighbourhood Watch program run in partnership with the City of Rockingham, WA Police and Neighbourhood Watch.
Beach Watch is aimed at reminding residents that valuables left in cars at beach car parks can attract the attention of thieves. These reminders take the form of footpath signage at beach car parks to remind residents to remove valuables from their vehicle.

Family Friendly Foreshores

Rockingham has a variety of quality, family-friendly beaches. To help keep your local beaches and foreshores safe and family friendly, keep in mind that it is illegal to drink alcohol in public places such as beaches or parks. Drinking in a public place can result in a fine ranging from $200 to $2000. For more information, visit the WA Police website.

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Benny the BurglarBenny the Burglar

Benny the Burglar is a City of Rockingham initiative aimed at promoting safety against theft and burglary. Keep an eye on the City of Rockingham’s website, Facebook page and City Chronicle for Benny’s tips on how to deter thieves and protect your valuables.

Safety for Seniors

Safety for Seniors is a free program run by the City of Rockingham aimed at supporting the more vulnerable and isolated seniors within the community.  This program offers the opportunity to connect with a friendly volunteer by phone at least once a month for a chat.

How do I register?

If you would like to register for the program you must comply with the following criteria:

  • live alone or with a fully dependent spouse
  • have no or minimal contact with family
  • feel socially isolated from the community
  • be aged 65
  • want to receive a monthly phone call from a City of Rockingham volunteer.

What will I receive?Safety for Seniors

  • a Safety for Seniors Members pack
  • a free Crime Prevention through Environmental Design checklist for your home
  • a monthly telephone call from our Community Safety volunteers
  • a regular Active Ageing newsletter that includes notification of upcoming City of Rockingham Seniors programs and events.

If you would like to register please contact the City of Rockingham on 9528 0333 or email

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Community Safety Initiatives

The City of Rockingham hosts a series of events throughout the year to celebrate the Community Safety program. Free activities are held at City of Rockingham libraries, community centres, local parks to promote safety in the community. Community Safety is an opportunity to learn about how to keep yourself, your family and your community safe.

Neighbours Unite reminds us all of the simple community actions we can take to build safer, healthier and more vibrant neighbourhoods. Hold an activity, meet your neighbours, comply with the terms and conditions and the City could contribute up to $40 towards the cost of food. Check this space or the what’s on calendar to see what events are available.

Remember, community safety starts with you.

Eyes on the Street

Eyes on the Street is a coordinated intelligence gathering program which encourages State Government agencies, local governments and businesses to identify and record suspicious behaviour and report it to police.

The program aims to establish partnerships between the Community Engagement Division, WA Police and organisations whose workers spend their days on the streets and are therefore in the best position to witness and report suspicious or criminal activity.

Eyes on the Street increases police intelligence about goings-on in the local area and the high visibility of members’ branded vehicles helps deter crime. For more information about Eyes on the Street please visit Neighbourhood Watch.

Engagement Request

Would you like the Community Safety team to visit your street, activity, community group or event? The City of Rockingham Community Safety team and its volunteers are available for engagements to raise awareness for and promote safety in the community. This could include speaking with a community group or providing community safety information at an event.

To request an engagement, please complete the Community Engagement Request Form below and email to  Alternatively, you can post to Customer Service, City of Rockingham, PO Box 2142 Rockingham WA  6967

Name Type Size and Format
Community Engagement Request Form Form PDF 167 kb

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