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Visual Landscape Evaluation

The objective of the Visual Landscape Evaluation was to test the validity and appropriateness of the City’s position regarding the rural vista along Mandurah Road.

The Visual Landscape Evaluation has concluded that the City’s current statutory and policy position as set out in Town Planning Scheme No.2 and Planning Policy No.3.1.1 - Rural Land Strategy is sound and justified; and should be maintained. The landscape of the Study Area has considerable visual character and contains important natural elements, valued by the local community, which it is desirable to maintain. This particularly includes the vista obtained from Mandurah Road that provides a positive natural/rural outlook across much of the Study Area and the natural dune system that is a highly valued and significant natural asset that is worthy of ongoing preservation.

The conclusions and recommendations as set out in the Visual Landscape Evaluation are based on a detailed analysis of the landscape and visual character of the Study Area and have been complemented by an extensive community consultation process.

The Visual Landscape Evaluation was considered by the Council at its ordinary Meeting held on the 28th February 2012, when it was resolved that it be adopted and used to inform the City’s consideration of regional and local planning initiatives and proposals.

The Council further resolved to review Planning Policy No.3.1.1 - Rural Land Strategy in light of the recommendations of the Visual Landscape Evaluation.

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