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Local Planning Strategy

Rockingham: Our City, Our Future

The City is preparing a Local Planning Strategy (LPS) to guide the growth and development of our City for the next 20 years and beyond, as well as protecting what the community values most about Rockingham and surrounds.

The LPS will build on community and the Council's shared vision of Rockingham becoming one of the safest, most liveable and sustainable cities in the nation.  It will also provide a "blue print" for the City's new Town Planning Scheme.

The City recently completed a Community Engagement Programme (CEP)to inform the preparation of the LPS.  This project was promoted under the tagline 'Rockingham: Our City, Our Future' and invited everyone who lives, works or plays in Rockingham to have a say on shaping the City's future.

The CEP consisted of four ward-based community workshops, a youth engagement workshop, an information stall in the Rockingham Community Fair, online surveys, social media and public displays, and was well received by the residents and ratepayers.  The community's response was overwhelming and they have provided the City with ideas, suggestions and issues to questions under the themes 'where we live', 'where we work', 'where we shop', 'where we play', 'our environment', 'getting around', and 'our vision'.

In April 2013, the City adopted the 'Community Engagement Programme Outcomes Report'.  This report outlines the process involved in the community engagement programme and documents the outcomes and findings generated from the actions and engagement initiatives.

The Community Engagement Programme Outcomes Report is available in PDF below.

Title Type Size and format
Community Engagement Programme Final Report Document PDF 2.8 MB
Appendix A - Communication Plan Document PDF 136 KB
Appendix B - Survey Questionnaire Document PDF 721 KB
Appendix C1 - Fact Sheet Document PDF 331 KB
Appendix C2 - Fact Sheet Document PDF 1.3 MB
Appendix C3 - Fact Sheet Document PDF 1.5 MB
Appendix C4 - Fact Sheet Document PDF 2.2 MB
Appendix D - Postcard Document PDF 5.5 MB
Appendix E - Poster & Flyer Document PDF 1.9 MB
Appendix F - Community Group Letter Document PDF 74 KB
Appendix G - Advertisements Document PDF 1.9 MB
Appendix H1 - Media Release Document PDF 70 KB
Appendix H2 - Media Release Document PDF 56 KB
Appendix I - Social Media Schedule Document PDF 72 KB
Appendix J1 - Community Ward Workshop Presentation Document PDF 2.1 MB
Appendix J2 - Community Ward Workshop Raw Notes Document PDF 198 KB
Appendix K - Youth Engagement Workshop Raw Notes Document PDF 99 KB
Appendix L - Community Survey Results Document PDF 444 KB

Next steps...

The Local Planning Strategy (LPS) will be a three to four year project and will be supported by a series of individual planning studies dealing with Housing and Settlement, Biodiversity and Conservation, Land Use and Transport, and Education, Employment and Tourism that will be released for community comment at each stage of the LPS development.  The individual planning studies will include an assessment of relevant land use planning issues and opportunities and also consideration of existing State, regional and the City's schemes, strategies, policies, plans and assessments.

At the end of the process, the Local Planning Strategy will be presented to the Council for adoption and then forwarded to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for approval.

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